New Year's Eve looks for Less!

(Jennifer Hudson) Bobi Cinched Waist Dress in Wine, $61,

(Michelle Williams)

(Natalie Portman) BCBG Graphic Matte Jersey Dress, $59,

(Kerry Washington) Sequin & Chiffon Dress, $98,

Make-up Tutorial: Kim Kardashian inspired look♥

Chris Brown and Justin Bieber Collabo in the making...

Sources from Breezy and Biebz camps confirmed that the two teen heart throbs will be combining there super powers to make a record. I actually think this will prove to be a good move....both are talented and have the ability to make girls pass out and foam at the mouth....get em boys:)

Lady Gaga's "The Fame Monster" Named Best Selling Album of 2010!

Congratulations to Lady Gaga for having the best selling Album of 2010!!! I've been a fan of Gaga's since her first pop album and I still feel as though she is one of the hardest working artists' in show business. She has set trends as well as the bar for other artist in her genre.....This deserves a Posh Pump

Jersey Shore's "Jwoww" Cleans up nice!

I like this look for her, less spray tan minus trashy bikini out fits= Beautiful Jersey Girl



What's in Keri Hilson's Bag?

Hide ya presents, hide ya mistletoe, hide ya reindeer's cause they raping er'body!

Lindsay is attacked by a Jealous Staffer at Betty Ford?

So Lindsay is currently under investigation for the assault of a Betty Ford staffer. The employee stated that Lohan snuck out with her friends to go drinking and upon her return was asked to take a breathalizer test. Lohan became hostile and attacked the staff person twisting her arm. The staffer went to the emergency room where she is reported to have sustained injuries.

Lohan is claiming her innocence in that the employee pushed her which caused her to call 911 because she felt she was in danger. The Betty Ford clinic has confirmed that the employee was fired due to breaking confidentiality rules by blabbing about the incident to anyone that would listen......Lindsay states that she has had issues with the staff person before mainly because she's jealous of Lindsay's career and fame....

                                       .......................I almost gave Lo-Jack the benefit of the doubt until she stated the jealousy thing. I can't find anybody in their right mind that would be jealous of this jail bird's career...WHAT CAREER? I didn't know that there were W-2's for coke heads/drunks/anorexics/menace's to society. Can someone please point me in the direction of "The Coke heads Inc." Human Resource dept cause they handing out jobs like candy....or  should I say cocaine LOL!

First Lady of Style!

 I love Mrs. Obama's classy style. It's so effortless and trendsetting!

Posh's favorite look of the Day: Melanie Fiona

Melanie looks stunning in this off shoulder tribal print cocktail dress.

Perfume Review: "Fancy" by Jessica Simpson♥

The fiance bought me this as an early Christmas gift and it smells soooooo Sultry♥ I'm actually a fan of Jessica's line of shoes and handbags and so this Eau de Parfum is a sweet addition to my growing collection of her accessories. The scent is really warm with hints of honey and amber...muy sexy!

Click to Shop The Jessica Simpson Collection

Stayed tuned for Monthly Contests!

Hey Honeybee's stay tuned for some monthly Posh Give-aways!! Contests will begin January 2011....and you could be the lucky reader!!

Book Review: Their Eyes Were Watching God

This is such an amazing piece of work! I am originally from Orlando Florida so reading this novel portraying African-Americans during the early 1900's in Eatonville,FL. was endearing. Zora Neale Hurston is one of the pioneers of American literature as well as the Harlem Renaissance.  A Florida Native herself she is rumored to have had a romantic relationship with Langston Hughes, a close and notable colleague.

When main character Janie, at sixteen, is caught kissing shiftless Johnny Taylor, her grandmother swiftly marries her off to an old man with sixty acres. Refusing to compromise in spite of society's expectations, Janie endures two stifling marriages before meeting the man of her dreams, who offers not diamonds, but a packet of flowering seeds...

I could not put this down and I'm almost heartbroken that's it's over. It's been a while since I've read something that made me smile to myself without even knowing it. The main character Janie is a beautiful spirit and Zora walks you through her journey of love, lost, and liberation. Her lovers are colorful characters portrayed in their own unique way and they have you sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation of their next adventure. 


In case you missed it: Keyshia Cole (Feat. Nicki Minaj) - I Ain't Thru Video

Spotlight: June Ambrose stylist to the stars

June Ambrose is known for styling stars such as Jay-Z, Kanye, and Chrissette Michele. Well now this fashion guru is taking her style to VH1 in a new reality series similar to Rachel Zoe. June is most known for rocking her signature turban and other lavish head pieces. Check out some of her looks.....

Can't wait to see her show!

Merry Christmas from the Kardashians....

The Kardashians got together for a "Regal" photo op to wish the world...and the tabloids a Merry Xmas with a Christmas card.  It looks kinda dark to me, no one is smiling.... It's more of an Adam's Family-esque portrait than Hollywood reality....But they're rich so I guess it doesn't matter now does it ....

PS: I love Khloe's dress.....not so creepy

Photo's from Nicole Richie's Wedding

Nicole Richie Wed her long time BF Joel Madden on December 11th at her father's Beverly Hills Estate. Nicole wore three dresses throughout her special day. There was a little controversy as to why the brides old BFF Paris Hilton was not in attendance, Nicole responded "Everyone who loves us and supported our decision was in attendance"....MEE-OWW! 

Well, check out her wedding pics courtesy of "Us Weekly(German)".

Posh's Christmas Wish List♥


J'adore by DIOR


I've been a good Posh girl....surely Santa will bring me a few of my favorite things right?

Olivia & Joy New York: Messenger Bag

I take the train to work here in Atlanta so I needed something smaller than the large tote I currently carry. This "Posh" messenger bag is by "Olivia & Joy New York" which is an adorable line that specializes in making feminine bags edgy. I bought one of their more "softer/girly" products but they have bags that are more edgy.

Click to shop Olivia & Joy New York

Ooh La La♥: 3D Nails!

While at the nail salon I was chit chatting with another diva there and she was telling me about this new nail trend called "3D" nails. It sounded interesting but it was hard to picture it just word of mouth. Well Necole Bitchie just posted a feature about this technique and it is cute as hell! 

To create 3-D Nails, the manicurist uses a gel called Calgel and other accessories such as embossed decals, glitter, and even Swarovski crystals! The gel is very strong and healthy for your nails; and it promotes nail growth! It’s applied to your natural nails just like polish and it’s similar to Shellac because it doesn’t smudge, chip, break, or peel.....Well how do you like em?

Read more: Bitchie Nail Trend: 3D Nails | Necole

Posh's Favorite Look of the Day: Jennifer Williams (Nautical Navy)

Prince's awkward appearance on The View

Prince on 'The View'

Prince makes what seems to be an unexpected appearance on "The View" and is clammering around like a bat exposed to direct sunlight lol...
He's promoting his new string of NY performances at The Madison Square Gardens. Check out his performance below...

Ja Rule pleads guilty in '07 NY weapon case: Sentenced to 2 years

Ja Rule agreed Monday to go to prison for two years in a gun case, becoming the second platinum-selling rapper set to do time after arrests in the aftermath of a star-studded hip-hop concert in July 2007.
His plea deal promises a two-year prison term compared to the 15-year stint he could have faced if convicted of the original gun charges. He remains free until his sentencing.

It turns out that this is the same event where Lil Wayne was arrested and convicted for weapon possession. Wayne and Ja Rule as well as several other artists are under investigation for the 2007 more arrests to come?

Kandi - Haven't Loved Right ( Official Video )

Keyshia Cole's New Album Cover Art

Keyshia's Album is dropping in stores December 21st and it seems that the Oakland singer is going back to her original style of singing. Her last album showed promise of a new made over Keyshia but she's saying that while the pop genre was fun, her heart is calling her back to the way things were.

Tinsel your tresses

Add some sparkle to your mane with "Bling Strands"! This look is being rocked by starlets like Adrienne on the RHOBH and now on Bey at the Grammy's. Click: To shop


New Music from UK Song Bird "Duffy"

I am such a fan of UK artists, their sound is so timeless and Duffy is at the top of my list. The songstress has a new album out featuring songs "Well,well,well(feat The Roots)" & "Endlessly". Click on the link below to see her promo site.

Oprah dispells Gay rumors and becomes emotional

Put some prep in ya step: Janet Jackson

Love this preppy look from Janet, wide leg jeans, oxford shirt layered with an argyle sweater. She looks so cute!