Kardashians share more than just their genes....

My Favorite Villans: Bad Girls Club & Jerseylicious Edition

Kristen-Bad Girls Club


If you've tuned in to all of the glutonous drama on Bad Girls Club and Jerseylicious you know that the two shows would not be the same without their Queen Bee's Kristen and Tracy.......

Kristen was the last to arrive of the first group of BGC this season and she quickly let the other chicks know that she was not the one to mess with. She has successfully ejected Kayleigh after the girls trip to Jamaica and now her diobolical scheme to give Danielle the boot has been executed with perfection. She's won my favorite villan vote of this season because she's pretty, bitchy, and a Bad Girl. Why be on the show if you're not going to hold to your true form. This isn't pretty rich girls with problems, Paris Hilton wannabees, or show that follows girls around while they put on lip gloss... it's the Bad Girls Club Bitchs!...Viva La Kristen!

Tracy, I didn't want to like this chick at first but she has earned my vote as favorite villan because she is the chick you love to hate. Though im not a fan of the orange tan, I love this girl's personality. She's a amazon with her big hair, long talons(nails), and her dominating personality. She knows what she wants out of life and if you have a problem with it you her words...."Go kill ya selves"! She has a mission to establish herself as a fashion mogul and she doesn't mind making others her door mat in the process. Poor Olivia doesn't stand a chance sometimes against the Guidette's wrath and watching her go toe to toe with Tracy is like watching a car's sad but you just can't turn away.

So here's to the Bitch's, Witch's, and Villans, keep bringing us the drama we so badly love to see and the ratings your networks so desperately need.

Miguel featuring J.Cole - All I Want Is You ft. J.Cole

Zigzag Wrap Sweater: MissPhit

I'm in love.......Chic sweater wrap in a fun geometric print. Armholes at the end of the sleeves give mobility as well as style the sash belt holds the wrap together.

There are also pockets at the bottom front sides for additional warmth and the wrap is made in a thick high quality acrylic knit. Very flowing and fun with lots of fabric and style yet functional for the cold.

Click to see more from"MiSSPhit"

Nicki MInaj-Getting Paid(Spoof)Video 4:: HARAJUKUKENDOLL,unstoppablePINK...

If you haven't heard of DollFaceBarbie....then you are missing out on one of the most eclectic personalities to have ever walked this earth!
I came across this tiny delight while getting acquainted to youtube, he added me as his friend (it's not a big deal.....he has like a gah-Zillion friends) but I started checking out his video's after being attracted to his style.
DollfaceBarbie or BarbieBoy wears many hats: radio host, model, blogger, twitter queen......people are so drawn to him and rightly so. Above is his spoof of Nicki Minaj, don't get it twisted he actually dislikes Nicki....he is a DIE HARD Lil Kim fan, but his spoof of her "Getting Paid" track is adorable! Enjoy:)

New Music!!: Indie Artist Joshua Starr

Joshua Star has evolved to be a musician in spirit.With catchy choruses and back heavy verses he has proven that he can contend at the national level of upcoming hip hop stars.

His first debut album entitled "Cool Realm" was released February 10,2010.This album hosts a variety of tunes,but most popular "Go!" leads the pack upon downloading and streams.It traces the blueprint for relationships that end in separation while inserting love into the equation.

As a new Artist Joshua Starr wants to speak of love,compassion,and love making.Nothing else has grasped the mind of man,and Joshua Starr does not want to drift from the natural. I had the privalege of catching one of his shows here in Atlanta and I was quickly taken back down memory lane with his similarities to Outkast,Goodie Mob, and Nas. This young artist is versatile in his lyrics and showcases his knowledge for the game as well as implementing his knowledge of life's struggles.

With the Hip Hop game standing on shaky ground Joshua Starr has proven to be one of the underdogs of his era much like his counterparts B.O.B., Lupe Fiasco, and Currency of underground rap and so like them....he is quickly rising to the top. 

For updates on Joshua Starr's music:
Twitter: @imjoshuastarr

***Click to download music by Joshua Starr on itunes***

Kelly Rowland - Rose Colored Glasses

Season 3: The Real Housewives of Atlanta!!!!

From Left to Right: Phaedra Parks, Nene Leakes, Sheree Whitfield, Cynthia Bailey, Kim Zolciak, Kandi Burruss

If you're like me then you are suffering from drama withdrawl while waiting for a "worthy" season of Housewives to premier.  The D.C. housewives are about as interesting as grass growing on a farm and I have watched all of the New Jersey episodes so much that my accent has changed.

The third season for Atlanta is promising to up the anty on the drama, fun, and excitment thanks to the addition of two new ladies Phaedra Parks and Cynthia Bailey.

Phaedra is the Managing Partner of The Parks Group, P.C., an Atlanta based boutique law firm that caters nationally to entertainers and athletes. She has served as a legal analyst for NBC and Fox News, and has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, EXTRA, Court TV, among others for her handling of several high-profile clients and cases.

Cynthia has had work in major fashion features to the runways in Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks and from staring in a movie opposite Sandra Bernhardt to a guest role on The Cosby Show.

I'm going to miss Lisa Hartwell and her bubbly personality but I understand the decision to pursue other ventures. Lisa has recently produced a fitness DVD and landed acting roles on Meet the Browns and an upcoming Robert Downey Jr. film, according to Scott.  In addition, she also appears in Black Ball, an upcoming film, and recently released "When The Cake Is Already Made," her first book.

The new ladies sound a tad boring in my opinion and have no idea what they are getting themselves into with the reigning Drama Queens...Nene, Kandi, and Kim. Sheree needs to step it up though because I see the show getting rid of her and her man arms soon.........

The new season is scheduled to premier Monday October 4,2010 9/8c on Bravo

Ri Ri wants Matt to put a Ri Ring on it.......

With the upcoming wedding of her bestie Katie Perry (listed in previous blog post) Rihanna is starting to get the itch for the old ball and chain as well. Sources close to her have stated that Ri Ri would love to marry her Baseball boyfriend Matt Kemp who she is constantly seen cuddling and kissing throughout L.A.

Honestly, I think that Matt is a sweetheart and a knight in shining armor for the young pop singer who has had a rocky love past......and I wouldn't mind seeing the two tie the knot either. However I think that it's safe to say that Ri Ri should take it slow, focus on her career and just enjoy being Young Rich and Famous without the constraints of rushing down the aisle.

Rihanna has a new project titled Only Girl (In the World) where I feel she has officially crossed over from the genre of R&B to Pop. So far I like what im hearing with "Rock Star" and can't wait for the official video for her first single.

Click hear for Rihanna's new single "Only Girl In the World"

K. Michelle - I Just Can't Do This

This song has been out for a couple of months and it's growing on me. She sounds like Keisha Cole but without the dramatics. Love it!

Katy Perry's 'Sesame Street' Ousting: Was She More Extreme Than Other Artists?

Katy Perry is in the hot seat for her episode on Sesame Street where she sings a new version of her song "Hot N Cold". Personally I think that it's cute, but soccer moms everywhere are attacking the video saying  her dress is too revealing and that she is distracting their children from learning.

First of all, she's on "Sesame Street" and if the children's show of 20+ years feels it's ok to air....then what's the problem?...(holding mic for response). Plus im pretty sure that your 5 year old is more concerned with Elmo than the old lady with the yellow summer dress......

The dress looks cute to me....and by the way, how come no one makes any comments about the scandalous outfits that Miss Piggy wears........(rolling eyes)
Im just sayin.............

ASOS | ASOS Faux Croc Bar Day Bag at ASOS

 Faux croc shoulder bag. Featuring a flap front with zip and twist lock fastening, a bar to the top and a long line strap and single grab handle.

ASOS ASOS Faux Croc Bar Day Bag at ASOS

Posh Outfit Of The Day: Joselyn-Toronto

  • Black lace top from Boscov’s.

  • Black cardigan from H&M.

  • Floral skirt from H&M.

  • Lace up Mary-Janes from Buffalo Exchange.

  • Silver random accessories.

  • Today's Outfit was sent in by one of my twitter followers, Joselyn from Toronto. I love this look because it's put together using pieces that could stand alone with other coordinates.

    *If you would like to have your outfit of the day featured, submit pics anytime to Submissions can be in the form of inspiration boards, what you are actually wearing, or laid out. Please don't send any lewd or revealing photos.

    Pish Posh Picks: AMICLUBWEAR Ruffled Peep toe Pumps♥!

    Black Canvas Ruffled Peeptoe Pump Heel

    I found these on for only $23.99! They are also availible in several colors as well. Great night on the town pump but can also be dressed down to wear to work. Check out AMICLUBWEAR for more affordable but trendy fashions!

    Hope: Jobs to come for Haiti

    Survivors of the earthquake
     It is 8 months after the country of Haiti became devestated by multiple earthquakes. Many lives were lost, homes destroyed and the islands already current state of poverty soared. This is one of the most tragic events to have occured during our era and I am proud to say that unlike other failed relief efforts, the world is being consistant in helping to restore Haiti.

    It was announced this morning that the US and France have signed bills helping to bring jobs and Healthcare to Haiti in the hopes of fueling it's recovery. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton along with Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive have established a relationship with the representatives of the Inter-American Development Bank and Korean manufacturer Sae-A Trading Co Ltd in order to create and industrial park in Port-au-Prince.

    This is great news for the country and for the city of Port-au-Prince which is the Haitian capital and one of the most severely damaged areas in January's earthquake.

    In conjunction to the launching of jobs, a plan to launch the restoration of Hospitals providing healthcare will go into effect soon as well.

    My prayers go out to the survivors and the family's of the deceased. I also applaud the many men and woman from countries all over the world that have sacrficed their time for the relief efforts of Haiti. I am proud that this is not a tragedy soon forgotten and that the world is determined to return Hope to Haiti.

    Cocaine is a terrible drug.........

    I wanted to leave this little girl alone and not go in on her but......ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!! I am so tired of hearing about these celebrities who do stupid, wreckless, illegal things but get a slap on the wrist. Or not even just a slap on the wrist, they get a reality show, or 5 star accommodations to camp "mommy didn't hug me enough"! SMDH!!!! How many of us "regular" people have friends or relatives serving hard time for the same things as Lindsay, T.I., Paris, and now Bruno Mars. I don't condone the use of illegal substances but there needs to be a balance of justice across the board and not just for the wealthy. 

    Lindsay for as long as I can remember, has been in the news for only being a menace to society.....not to promote a new line....or crappy album.....just breaking the law.They could make a movie off  of her press footage alone because of all of the trouble she has gotten into and now again she is back on cocaine. But to no avail she escapes the clutches of the slammer every time. She's like the road-runner of Hollywood........

    What to do about this ramped use of cocaine among celebrities?....Whitney Houston said it herself, "I make way too much money for crack". Cocaine seems to be the drug of choice for many stars, with some being bold enough to rap about it in their songs... "Cocaine flowin through my big veins" spoken by Ricky Rozay himself....It's almost as if being able to snort coke establishes how wealthy you are. The justice system keeps having a blind eye to this epidemic but it will only be a matter of time before it gets out of hand like it did back in the 80's.....

    I have yet to see a coke head stroll down Auburn ave in Atlanta....but ive seen them stroll down the red carpet (*side eye*)

    Premier of Fantasia for Real: Season 2-Review

    "Fantasia for Real" Season 2 premiered last night and im not really sure how I feel. That's not neccessarily a bad thing, it's just that.....well, I hope she and her family don't act a fool.

    I have fallen in love with this miniturare Patty LaBelle because of her love for music, fans, and most of all her family. Fantasia like many artists, had become a main source of support for her family almost ruining her career. I myself come from a large family and know all too well those conversations that sound something like "when I make it big, I got all of you" or "im not gonna leave anyone behind" or "ima get a house for everybody".

    It takes a big heart to not forget friends and family who were with you before your stardom but you also must have the wisdom to not allow that very thing to ruin your career financially.

    Of course we all know that money and family issues are the least of Fanny's problems thanks to a romance scandal that surfaced this summer leading to her failed suicide attempt.

    The season opener was drama free but I know that this is only the appetizer for a main course of media frenzy circling the young song bird. I myself enjoy reality shows that are filled with drama but this is one show that I am hoping has a happy ending.

    Jazmine Sullivan Album to drop in stores and itunes 11.2.2010

    Open Relationships:Recipe for trust or destruction?

    Open relationships, a trend once only unique to tinsel town, has made it's way into the lives of  regular married couples, having  many sitting on the fence regarding this issue. Will and Jada Smith are the unofficial spokes couple for this marriage lifestyle stating that their relationship has lasted so long because of the agreement of openly seeing others outside of the marriage.

    More and more I am seeing couples experimenting with this, some feeling that it brings excitment into the relationship and eliminates the desire to commit infedelity, while others feel like it is a blatant disregard to the vows of being monogamous within the marriage.

    Though I can understand the possible lure of this, I must say that though some may find it positive....not all relationships are built for this. There is the possibility of your partner finding someone through being "open" and then wanting to have an "exclusive" relationship with them. There is the threat of jealousy from both parties, or the creation of chidlren that could fall victim to the extended relationship issues, and the list goes on.

    Also, what is often prevelant in these open relationships is that there is usually only 1 partner who is wanting to freely see others and not both. As in the case of Will and Jada or other celebrity couples practicing this, both partners "say" they are okay with open relationships but it turns out that the only one seeing other people are the men. Will has gone so far as to say that Jada is actually more flexible with him than he is with her, meaning that he would have a harder time with her seeing other men despite their open marriage.

    If you and your partner decide that this is the foundation that you would like to build your relationship on, you need to ask yourself/each other serious questions regarding your boundaries, limitations, and trust issues of how the marriage will stand.

    Will you be ok with knowing that someone else has the attention,time,or intimacy of your partner? How do you explain this to your children? What if you or your partner decide that they would like to be exclusive with someone else? These questions are not presented for judgement they are merely food for thought........

    Pish Posh Picks: Forever 21-"Cowl Neck Sweater Dress"

    This is my first entry for "Pish Posh Picks" and I am smitten!!! Being a busty woman, it can be difficult to find a dress that makes you feel sexy and not like you're in a hospital gown. I found this dress while on in their "Faith21" category. Faith21 is their line of plus size clothing that is cute,affordable,and well....needs to all be in my closet lol. You can order this dress on the website or at their store if in your area. the dress is going for $27.80 and is availible in Grey as well. Love it, Want it, Got it!

    Nicki Minaj: The Icon

    I never get tired of the reinvention of Nicki Minaj {*eye fluttering sigh*}.......

    Nicki has proven to be the hiemlach manuever that the hip hop game has needed for a while. In an industry where the shelf life of female artist is short lived she has already staked her place as an icon.

    My favorite thing about Minaj is her tough love approach of leading by example to women in the game. When presented with comments from critics, Minaj simply flashes her pearly whites hugged by dimples and  replies..."I'm just showing you b*tchs how to do it".

    It's not about being arrogant, it's about being confident in your work and she is without a doubt high quality. She is featured with artist from all genres thus bridging the gap between audiences and showing that her abilities are without limits.

    "So I gotta bad b*tch mentality/cuz I just came from another galaxy/yall b*tchs ain't ready for Nicki Luinsky/Bad Woof Woof, flyah then a freesbie..."

    Love this lyric from her mixtape! Bad b*tch mentality is my motto from this point on because how a man woman she is....
                  .........She's Barbie B*tchs!!!!!!!! (gives you updates and release info for her 11.23.10 album)

    Eat ♥ Pray♥Love! - book review....

    Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert was the talk of the town this summer igniting discussions, recipe ideas, and a movie starring the beautiful Julia Roberts. I had the privilege of reading the book before the movie or the hype swept through America and encouraged women everywhere to let their hair down.

    Personally, I enjoyed the book and how it was detailed in many ways, from the intimacy/lack of intimacy of her romantic relationships to her favorite gelato. She is vulnerable in discussing how she internally desires to break out of the mold and venture into the unknown. The unknown being not depending on the security of her lovely home in upstate New York, a husband, or even money. Through allowing these things to no longer complicate her life she is able to find out what truly makes her happy through her travels.

    My only gripe with this book is how she doesn't take much responsibility for how she hurts her husband through the divorce. Maybe it's just my feeling sorry for her ex-hubby, but I just thought that more compassion could have been displayed in his regard.

    Altogether, I suggest this may feel like a slow start but it leads to a meaty read in the end. It has inspired me to learn about other cultures, write more, and pay attention to what makes me happy. Eat Pray Love.....Yes Yes Yes!