New Music!!: Indie Artist Joshua Starr

Joshua Star has evolved to be a musician in spirit.With catchy choruses and back heavy verses he has proven that he can contend at the national level of upcoming hip hop stars.

His first debut album entitled "Cool Realm" was released February 10,2010.This album hosts a variety of tunes,but most popular "Go!" leads the pack upon downloading and streams.It traces the blueprint for relationships that end in separation while inserting love into the equation.

As a new Artist Joshua Starr wants to speak of love,compassion,and love making.Nothing else has grasped the mind of man,and Joshua Starr does not want to drift from the natural. I had the privalege of catching one of his shows here in Atlanta and I was quickly taken back down memory lane with his similarities to Outkast,Goodie Mob, and Nas. This young artist is versatile in his lyrics and showcases his knowledge for the game as well as implementing his knowledge of life's struggles.

With the Hip Hop game standing on shaky ground Joshua Starr has proven to be one of the underdogs of his era much like his counterparts B.O.B., Lupe Fiasco, and Currency of underground rap and so like them....he is quickly rising to the top. 

For updates on Joshua Starr's music:
Twitter: @imjoshuastarr

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