Eat ♥ Pray♥Love! - book review....

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert was the talk of the town this summer igniting discussions, recipe ideas, and a movie starring the beautiful Julia Roberts. I had the privilege of reading the book before the movie or the hype swept through America and encouraged women everywhere to let their hair down.

Personally, I enjoyed the book and how it was detailed in many ways, from the intimacy/lack of intimacy of her romantic relationships to her favorite gelato. She is vulnerable in discussing how she internally desires to break out of the mold and venture into the unknown. The unknown being not depending on the security of her lovely home in upstate New York, a husband, or even money. Through allowing these things to no longer complicate her life she is able to find out what truly makes her happy through her travels.

My only gripe with this book is how she doesn't take much responsibility for how she hurts her husband through the divorce. Maybe it's just my feeling sorry for her ex-hubby, but I just thought that more compassion could have been displayed in his regard.

Altogether, I suggest this may feel like a slow start but it leads to a meaty read in the end. It has inspired me to learn about other cultures, write more, and pay attention to what makes me happy. Eat Pray Love.....Yes Yes Yes!