Hope: Jobs to come for Haiti

Survivors of the earthquake
 It is 8 months after the country of Haiti became devestated by multiple earthquakes. Many lives were lost, homes destroyed and the islands already current state of poverty soared. This is one of the most tragic events to have occured during our era and I am proud to say that unlike other failed relief efforts, the world is being consistant in helping to restore Haiti.

It was announced this morning that the US and France have signed bills helping to bring jobs and Healthcare to Haiti in the hopes of fueling it's recovery. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton along with Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive have established a relationship with the representatives of the Inter-American Development Bank and Korean manufacturer Sae-A Trading Co Ltd in order to create and industrial park in Port-au-Prince.

This is great news for the country and for the city of Port-au-Prince which is the Haitian capital and one of the most severely damaged areas in January's earthquake.

In conjunction to the launching of jobs, a plan to launch the restoration of Hospitals providing healthcare will go into effect soon as well.

My prayers go out to the survivors and the family's of the deceased. I also applaud the many men and woman from countries all over the world that have sacrficed their time for the relief efforts of Haiti. I am proud that this is not a tragedy soon forgotten and that the world is determined to return Hope to Haiti.