My Favorite Villans: Bad Girls Club & Jerseylicious Edition

Kristen-Bad Girls Club


If you've tuned in to all of the glutonous drama on Bad Girls Club and Jerseylicious you know that the two shows would not be the same without their Queen Bee's Kristen and Tracy.......

Kristen was the last to arrive of the first group of BGC this season and she quickly let the other chicks know that she was not the one to mess with. She has successfully ejected Kayleigh after the girls trip to Jamaica and now her diobolical scheme to give Danielle the boot has been executed with perfection. She's won my favorite villan vote of this season because she's pretty, bitchy, and a Bad Girl. Why be on the show if you're not going to hold to your true form. This isn't pretty rich girls with problems, Paris Hilton wannabees, or show that follows girls around while they put on lip gloss... it's the Bad Girls Club Bitchs!...Viva La Kristen!

Tracy, I didn't want to like this chick at first but she has earned my vote as favorite villan because she is the chick you love to hate. Though im not a fan of the orange tan, I love this girl's personality. She's a amazon with her big hair, long talons(nails), and her dominating personality. She knows what she wants out of life and if you have a problem with it you her words...."Go kill ya selves"! She has a mission to establish herself as a fashion mogul and she doesn't mind making others her door mat in the process. Poor Olivia doesn't stand a chance sometimes against the Guidette's wrath and watching her go toe to toe with Tracy is like watching a car's sad but you just can't turn away.

So here's to the Bitch's, Witch's, and Villans, keep bringing us the drama we so badly love to see and the ratings your networks so desperately need.