Nicki MInaj-Getting Paid(Spoof)Video 4:: HARAJUKUKENDOLL,unstoppablePINK...

If you haven't heard of DollFaceBarbie....then you are missing out on one of the most eclectic personalities to have ever walked this earth!
I came across this tiny delight while getting acquainted to youtube, he added me as his friend (it's not a big deal.....he has like a gah-Zillion friends) but I started checking out his video's after being attracted to his style.
DollfaceBarbie or BarbieBoy wears many hats: radio host, model, blogger, twitter queen......people are so drawn to him and rightly so. Above is his spoof of Nicki Minaj, don't get it twisted he actually dislikes Nicki....he is a DIE HARD Lil Kim fan, but his spoof of her "Getting Paid" track is adorable! Enjoy:)