Nicki Minaj: The Icon

I never get tired of the reinvention of Nicki Minaj {*eye fluttering sigh*}.......

Nicki has proven to be the hiemlach manuever that the hip hop game has needed for a while. In an industry where the shelf life of female artist is short lived she has already staked her place as an icon.

My favorite thing about Minaj is her tough love approach of leading by example to women in the game. When presented with comments from critics, Minaj simply flashes her pearly whites hugged by dimples and  replies..."I'm just showing you b*tchs how to do it".

It's not about being arrogant, it's about being confident in your work and she is without a doubt high quality. She is featured with artist from all genres thus bridging the gap between audiences and showing that her abilities are without limits.

"So I gotta bad b*tch mentality/cuz I just came from another galaxy/yall b*tchs ain't ready for Nicki Luinsky/Bad Woof Woof, flyah then a freesbie..."

Love this lyric from her mixtape! Bad b*tch mentality is my motto from this point on because how a man woman she is....
              .........She's Barbie B*tchs!!!!!!!! (gives you updates and release info for her 11.23.10 album)