Open Relationships:Recipe for trust or destruction?

Open relationships, a trend once only unique to tinsel town, has made it's way into the lives of  regular married couples, having  many sitting on the fence regarding this issue. Will and Jada Smith are the unofficial spokes couple for this marriage lifestyle stating that their relationship has lasted so long because of the agreement of openly seeing others outside of the marriage.

More and more I am seeing couples experimenting with this, some feeling that it brings excitment into the relationship and eliminates the desire to commit infedelity, while others feel like it is a blatant disregard to the vows of being monogamous within the marriage.

Though I can understand the possible lure of this, I must say that though some may find it positive....not all relationships are built for this. There is the possibility of your partner finding someone through being "open" and then wanting to have an "exclusive" relationship with them. There is the threat of jealousy from both parties, or the creation of chidlren that could fall victim to the extended relationship issues, and the list goes on.

Also, what is often prevelant in these open relationships is that there is usually only 1 partner who is wanting to freely see others and not both. As in the case of Will and Jada or other celebrity couples practicing this, both partners "say" they are okay with open relationships but it turns out that the only one seeing other people are the men. Will has gone so far as to say that Jada is actually more flexible with him than he is with her, meaning that he would have a harder time with her seeing other men despite their open marriage.

If you and your partner decide that this is the foundation that you would like to build your relationship on, you need to ask yourself/each other serious questions regarding your boundaries, limitations, and trust issues of how the marriage will stand.

Will you be ok with knowing that someone else has the attention,time,or intimacy of your partner? How do you explain this to your children? What if you or your partner decide that they would like to be exclusive with someone else? These questions are not presented for judgement they are merely food for thought........