Premier of Fantasia for Real: Season 2-Review

"Fantasia for Real" Season 2 premiered last night and im not really sure how I feel. That's not neccessarily a bad thing, it's just that.....well, I hope she and her family don't act a fool.

I have fallen in love with this miniturare Patty LaBelle because of her love for music, fans, and most of all her family. Fantasia like many artists, had become a main source of support for her family almost ruining her career. I myself come from a large family and know all too well those conversations that sound something like "when I make it big, I got all of you" or "im not gonna leave anyone behind" or "ima get a house for everybody".

It takes a big heart to not forget friends and family who were with you before your stardom but you also must have the wisdom to not allow that very thing to ruin your career financially.

Of course we all know that money and family issues are the least of Fanny's problems thanks to a romance scandal that surfaced this summer leading to her failed suicide attempt.

The season opener was drama free but I know that this is only the appetizer for a main course of media frenzy circling the young song bird. I myself enjoy reality shows that are filled with drama but this is one show that I am hoping has a happy ending.