ALERT!! Hot Clothing line: HBIC (Head B*tch In Charge) Streetwear!!

I am so excited!!!! I received my package from HBIC and I love it! I found out about this line after following @HBICStreetwear on twitter  and checking out their website
(The name caught my attention IMMEDIATELY).
As a woman I love feeling like im in charge and I don't mind broadcasting it to the public lol...*fist pumps*.
 I received several shirts but my absolute favorite is "In front of every good man stands an HBIC".... It's so comfortable i've  worn it with some cute sweats and my air max's and even paired it with a chic blazer and pumps. I have had so many ladies ask me where I got it from so that they can cop their HBIC Gear, check out the styles below and the story behind the sexy clothing line.......


HBIC Streetwear

HBIC is a line of streetwear designed for females looking for clothes that can be worn effortlessly with heels or kicks and appeals to women who are on their grind, independent and taking charge of their lives. Our apparel has a feminine cut to fit to the curves of a woman’s body and is decorated with HBIC inspired graphic prints that are sure to become a staple in any HBIC’s closet.

Today more than ever, women are in control of their lives and destiny. We are more independent and confident, modern day super women (working, cleaning, and raising children). We are doing the same things that their male counterparts are doing in the workplace, and doing it with style and finesse (In Heels or In a Pair of Fly Kicks). HBIC streetwear was created with strong minded, successful women in mind and is for all the women who RUN THINGS, in whatever they do. Wether running a business, a family or being in charge of your own life and journey through this world. Don’t be fooled by her beauty, sexual allure and charm. HBICs are not to be taken lightly and command respect for their fierce independence, passion for life and confidence.

Everyone knows that HBIC stands for Head Bitch in Charge. But you will see in some upcoming shirts that I use Bitch and Beauty interchangeably for the letter B in HBIC. This is because woman are so versatile and can be that strong bitch when they have to and be that feminine beauty at the same time.

Favorite Quote

“Bitch is not a Bad Word. I see the word for what it is: a reflection of people’s lack of creativity and inability to acknowledge and embrace a powerful woman. The true definition is a woman who won’t comply."
BITCH = Boss In Total Control of Herself. ” -- Kelly Cutrone, HBIC of People’s Revolution

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