CNN: Bullying victims speak out

We all at some point have experienced bullying from classmates, neighborhood kids, or even family members. CNN takes a look into the lives of several teens that are currently victims of bullying and the effect that it has had on their lives.

There have been several stories of children who have committed suicide because the pressure of bullying became unbearable, some as young as 7 years old. It makes me angry to no end when I hear about the stories of bullies and how they go as far as harrassing their victims online, public degradation , physical assault , and stealing.

I noticed that in several of the stories regarding bullying, parents and children have gone to teachers and school administrators to complain about the bullying but nothing is done. In a time where teachers are overworked and underpaid many are ignoring the problem and are not stepping in to ensure the safety of their students.....until it's too late.

Parents, if you know your child is bullying another child this is by no means acceptable. Children who bully often grow into aggressors that hurt and take advantage of other adults and or children. Don't ignore the warning signs or the complaints from other parents and teachers because this can mean a life of violence and crime for your child.

For the parents of the victims, please do everything in your power to ensure the mental and physical safety of your child. Don't ignore it or take it lightly, grab the attention of the teachers and the administrators because the only difference between your child and previous victims who have undergone bullying is circumstance.