Lauren Conrad: Sweet Little Lies

You may remember Lauren Conrad from a slightly popular reality show called the Hills on MTV. Well this blonde from the OC has created a brand for her self before the age of 25. Lauren not only has her show- The Hills, she also has a partnership with the spin off reality show-"The City", Teen Vogue, her own clothing line, and now three best selling books.

 In a documentary earlier this year, MTV execs discuss how  the renowned success of The Hills Reality Show was greatly due to Lauren's popularity among her schoolmates at the time.

I personaly didn't become a fan of Conrad until about a year ago when I saw her get her Kimora Lee Simmons on and aggressively pursue a career in fashion. I admired how despite being surrounded by trust fund babies her friends, she remained focused and took advantage of her stardom to solidify her name in Hollywood.

Lauren Conrad