Nicki Minaj launches her "Pink 4 Friday" Lipstick for M.A.C.Cosmetics

Nicki Minaj lipstick 2

The new lipstick will be available on Black Friday (November 26th) and will be available for the next four Fridays only (while supplies last).

Atlanta Housewife Kim Zolciak is Pregers?

Kim Zolciak confirmed her expectancy through twitter and CBS today followed by confirmaitons from "close friends"

So who's the lucky piggy bank father-to-be? Kroy Biermann, 25, a player for the NFL's Atlanta Falcons who you may remember from the "She can dance" episode this season (he was the dancer that had the lady's raving about his... ah-hem "assets").
(there's almost a ten year age difference between Kroy 25 and Kim 35...shh)

This will be Zolciaks third child and third baby daddy. The couple has been together about 6 months now and Kim is selling her Atlanta Town home  in order to move in with Kroy.

I still stand by my claim that Kim is the most ghetto of the houswives lol! You never see her without her hair weaved up, she's always tryna push a demo, and she got three different baby daddy's...I rest my case.

Congrats to the un-suspecting Lucky couple:)

Beyonce and Mom stop by "The View" to promote Bey's "I Am" World Tour DVD

Beyonce's "I Am" World Tour is set to premier Thanksgiving night on ABC (Nov. 25, 9:30-11 p.m.), fans can cop the home DVD available exclusively at Walmart on November 26, while a deluxe edition (including a DVD, live audio CD, tour documentary, and 40-page booklet) arrives November 30.

Watch her interview on "The View" below......


Barb's....Are you ready?!!!!

Album IN STORES NOW!!!!!!!!!

Justin Bieber....AMA Artist of the Year??!!

You could hear under breath swearing throughout the world last night as the American Music Awards Committee crowned Justin Bieber as the Artist of the Year....

Now I know that Justin is the biggest teen heart throb out to date and that even Kim Kardashian Adults follow this pubescent teen religiously but....Artist of the Year...Really?!

Kanye, where were you when this crap was happening?...smh

Posh's favorite look of the day: Kourtney Kardashian (Black and Gold)

Kim And Kourtney Kardashian Filming Their Reality Show In New York (USA ONLY)

She's wearing  Paige leggings, Prada shoes, vintage Therry jacket jacket with an Ella Zahlan belt and Micha Design cross necklace.

I Love it!

Chad OchoCinco proposes to Evelyn Lozado from Basketball Wives...

So OchoCinco has apparently found his "ultimate catch" in Evelyn Lozado whom you may recognize from the reality show "Basketball Wives". Not sure how serious this is or if it's a publicity stunt, the proposal is supposed to air on this season of Evelyn's reality show....this should be interesting........


The Rock  Ring...

Snookin for love♥

My girl Snooki from "The Jersey Shore" has finally found her Guido/Gorilla/Juice Head! Snooki twit pic'd her and her "Man-scaped" Beau at Disney World all hugged up. 

I hope this guy is better than the last loser she dated.....this has to be getting old for Snooks.


Openly Gay Megachurch Pastor Talks About Coming Out Of The Closet!

White Lipstick?....I'm lovin it!

I can be a chicken when it comes to experimenting with lip color but im willing to take a chance on this. It's different but I think it's sexy and unique.

Rimmel London
All carry lip color in white or nude colors, I dare you to try it:)

Everlasting French Square Nail Kit by "Kiss": Review

Out of curiousity I decided to try on some "Artificial Nail Enhancements" by Kiss. I have always been reluctant to try these out of fear that they would pop off in the middle of some task or conversation. 

However these little artificial treats are proving to be very nice and durable. They cost me $5.99 plus tax at a local drugstore (opposed to $30 in a salon). Also these are made out of the Solar gel material so they have exactly the same thickness and strength as salon produced nails. They're easy to apply, just simply clean and buff down your natural nail, apply the nail glue to your nail bed and press them onto your natural nails and Voila!

These are ideal for  a quick nail clean up for an interview, date, or night out with the girls. I have officially become a fan! And I am not ashamed of my press on's...LOL!

New Jazmine Sullivan Video: "10 Seconds"

5 Must Have Makeup Products from Makeup Artist Merrell Hollis

Soul Train Music Awards 2010: Event Photo's

The Soul Train Music Awards is set to Premiere on Bet Nov. 28, 2010 9pm

Hosts: Tariji and Terrance

Rick Ross and DJ Khalid

Derek J

Chrisette Michelle

Rudy Huxtable Keshia Knight Pulliam
Free and Tank

Janelle Monet

Faith and Guest


Jazmine Sullivan


Steve Harvey and his wife

Mo and Kita

Melanie Fiona and Goapelle

Basketball Wives: Season 2 Trailer !!!!!!!

The 2nd season of The Bobble Head Baketball Wives premiers Dec. 12 at 9pm and the claws are sharpened and out! Check out VH1's new trailer revealing the drama that's in store......

I can't wait to see this especially since "Football Wives" is about as entertaining as watching grass grow.

                   P.S. .......Why is Ochocinco looking for the Ultimate Catch on this season of Basketballwives lol!

Sister 2 Sister's 22nd Anniversary Party: Celebrity Photo's

I've been a reader of Sister 2 Sister's magazine for as long as I can remember so im excited that they are bringing in their 22nd Year! The Publisher Jamie Foster Brown has held down the legacy for the magazine throughout the years and has done a wonderful job. Check out the pictures from the celebration below.

Antonia "Toya" Carter

Tiffany Evans
Tiffany Evans

Tameka Raymond
Usher Baby Mama Tameka Raymond

Sister 2 Sister
Publisher Jamie Foster Brown with Tiny Cottle, Kandi Burrus, and Free

Bobby V
Bobby Valentino

Terrence J, Kita and Monique
Kita, Terrance J, and Monique "Mo"

Click to check out Sister 2 Sister's website

What you should know before Shacking up.....

The romantic lifestyle of people today is significantly different than what people of the past engaged in. We have dating websites to help match us with compatible partners, individuals are able to have openly gay relationships, we are dating more out of our race, but mainly we are "cohabiting"  before marriage more than ever before.

Living together before marriage or without the expectation of marriage is as American as apple pie now a days and many couples are "shacking up" despite the negative assumptions.  If you were raised like myself, in a religious household where marriage is seen as a union between a man and woman and thus "sacred" you were taught that you were only to engage in sexual acts after marriage After you began living with your husband or wife.

Looking at my social circle today, friends, and media this belief is dwindling because people are embracing a more modern take on this relationship taboo. Because of the current financial state of our country many couples are moving in together to make ends meet and or save for their wedding in the process. Also many couples are taking the step of moving in together so that they can strengthen their relationship by better getting to know each other.

Shacking up has both it's "Pros" and "Cons". So it's important to evaluate what you and your partner both expect should you decide to move in together. Here's my take on it.....

1. Take your time in deciding if this is the person you want to seriously commit to, don't just move in with someone because they're hot, have a great hook-up with the cable company, or because you're trying to save a buck.

2. Before you move in together, be very clear about what you expect. Do you both definitely plan to get married? Do neither of you want to get married? Do you see living together as a trial that will help you decide? You should both have a clear sense of what moving in together means to each of you.

3.Keep your expectations reasonable. Living together will not magically transform an "I'll never get married" guy into one who proposes on one knee. Sharing a kitchen and bedroom will not sweeten a bad relationship. Live together because your relationship is going well, not to try to make it better.

4.BE SPECIFIC ABOUT THE BILLS!!! I see situations all the time where couples get together and one person is expecting the other to pay for everything while their income turns into their new shopping fund. Set up a budget and create goals because this could be a great opportunity for both to save money.

5.Set boundaries for company/guests, there is nothing worst than coming home from a long day at work or school and walking into a home that is now transformed into a "waiting to exhale meeting" or "Superbowl party". Respect your partner and consider their feelings regarding guests, COMMUNICATE!

6. And lastly, make time for yourselves. A common mistake that many couples make is the assumption that because you live together you have to be around each other ALL the time...have you ever heard of cabin fever? Well it usually ends with someone becoming psychotic because they're "trapped" lol. Create activities outside of your relationship, in other words "Do You Boo!"

This post isn't meant to justify shacking up or say that it's the answer to your relationship problems and I understand that because of the religious views of many, this act is frowned upon. However, this is the way of the world today and people are entitled to live in a way that they feel complements their life.

Loehmann's: Patent leather ballerina flats

I bought these cute patent leather flats today at Loehmann's department store. Loehmann's is similar to places like Marshall's, TJ Maxx, or Ross except it's a little more high end. I have pretty much dogged my current flats into the ground and needed to some new ones. These are so adorable and comfortable, they're nude with black toe tips, covered with gold studs, and stretchy on the sides.

 I'm actually considering going back and getting the all black ones as well. They only set me back $24.99!!

Click here to find a Loehmann's in your area

In case you missed it: Nicki minaj's interview with Perez Hilton

Post image for Nicki Minaj: Perez Hilton Interviews Nicki Minaj [Video]

For my 80's Babies: "Smurfs" the Movie Coming Soon!! (New promo image)

first image of katy perrys smurfette is released

I'm giving away my age here but I would be lying if I said that I wasn't looking forward to the new remake of the 80's hit cartoon "The Smurfs". I remember waking up early saturday morning with my brothers and sisters and camping out in front of the tv with a bowl of lucky charms while we watched the show.

Well as an added bonus to this good news, the production team has just revealed that the beautiful "Smurfette" (the only female smurf) will be played by Katy Perry!

Spoiler Alert: The movie will go into how Smurfette  was created by the archenemy of the Smurfs, wicked sorcerer Gargamel, in an effort to use her as a saboteur against the Smurfs. Gargamel's plan failed though when Papa Smurf took pity and reversed her spell, turning Smurfette into a real, live Smurf! From that point on, she became much more attractive, and became desired by ALL the Smurfs!

The movie is scheduled for release August 3, 2011.
I'm looking forward to this! The only thing left for them to do is make a remake of "Thundercats", "He-Man", and "Sherah"...and the world would be a happier place:)

Cleveland's Response to Lebron James "Rise" Commercial: In case you missed it

So, just in case you missed is the city of Cleveland's response to Lebron James' "Rise" Commercial for Nike.

His video recently caused a stir when he released it justifying  his decision to leave the Cavaliers.

I think this has really gotten out of hand, it's not even about basketball anymore, it's become personal. I agree that the way Lebron left was shady but Cleveland, what about the rest of your team.... how do you think the other players feel about you pitching a fit about a player who is now GONE!....Here's an idea, how about you focus on the current state of your team and use every ounce of your ability to kick Miami's ASS! Don't take up my precious commercial time complaining like a bitter ex-wife whose husband just skipped out on a mortgage and kids.

Lebron is human, arrogant,cocky....but never the less Human. Get over it.

Lebron sweety that goes for you too....I know they burnt your jerseys, and that Delontae West has become too (cough) "friendly" with your mom, AND that they keep calling you Prince James instead of King James....but please get over it too.

                                              ....that is all.

...My new blog business cards♥

Promotional Posters "For Colored Girls" The Movie Premiers Today!

I just finished the "For Colored Girls who have considered suicide when the Rainbo is Enuf" Choreopoem by Ntozake Shange and I found it very inspiring. Shange does an excellent job portraying what it was like for colored women during the twentieth century. It is very emotionally charged which is important because it helps to engage the reader to the raw emotions experienced by the characters.

Tyler Perry's "For Colored Girls" Movie finally premiers today! I have been waiting in anticipation to see the motion picture version of this great work. Here are some promotional posters from it's premier.....

For Colored Girls, movie, Character, Poster
Janet Jackson

For Colored Girls, movie, Character, Poster
Whoopi Goldberg

For Colored Girls, movie, Character, Poster
Anika Noni Rose

For Colored Girls, movie, Character, Poster
Loretta Devine

For Colored Girls, movie, Character, Poster
Kimberly Elise

For Colored Girls, movie, Character, Poster
Thandie Newton

For Colored Girls, movie, Character, Poster
Kerry Washington

For Colored Girls, movie, Character, Poster
Phylicia Rashad

Tyler Perry does it again....I'm proud of how he is transitioning more into drama, these posters alone reveal the struggle that each character is undergoing as an individual.