Cleveland's Response to Lebron James "Rise" Commercial: In case you missed it

So, just in case you missed is the city of Cleveland's response to Lebron James' "Rise" Commercial for Nike.

His video recently caused a stir when he released it justifying  his decision to leave the Cavaliers.

I think this has really gotten out of hand, it's not even about basketball anymore, it's become personal. I agree that the way Lebron left was shady but Cleveland, what about the rest of your team.... how do you think the other players feel about you pitching a fit about a player who is now GONE!....Here's an idea, how about you focus on the current state of your team and use every ounce of your ability to kick Miami's ASS! Don't take up my precious commercial time complaining like a bitter ex-wife whose husband just skipped out on a mortgage and kids.

Lebron is human, arrogant,cocky....but never the less Human. Get over it.

Lebron sweety that goes for you too....I know they burnt your jerseys, and that Delontae West has become too (cough) "friendly" with your mom, AND that they keep calling you Prince James instead of King James....but please get over it too.

                                              ....that is all.