Everlasting French Square Nail Kit by "Kiss": Review

Out of curiousity I decided to try on some "Artificial Nail Enhancements" by Kiss. I have always been reluctant to try these out of fear that they would pop off in the middle of some task or conversation. 

However these little artificial treats are proving to be very nice and durable. They cost me $5.99 plus tax at a local drugstore (opposed to $30 in a salon). Also these are made out of the Solar gel material so they have exactly the same thickness and strength as salon produced nails. They're easy to apply, just simply clean and buff down your natural nail, apply the nail glue to your nail bed and press them onto your natural nails and Voila!

These are ideal for  a quick nail clean up for an interview, date, or night out with the girls. I have officially become a fan! And I am not ashamed of my press on's...LOL!