Atlanta Housewife Kim Zolciak is Pregers?

Kim Zolciak confirmed her expectancy through twitter and CBS today followed by confirmaitons from "close friends"

So who's the lucky piggy bank father-to-be? Kroy Biermann, 25, a player for the NFL's Atlanta Falcons who you may remember from the "She can dance" episode this season (he was the dancer that had the lady's raving about his... ah-hem "assets").
(there's almost a ten year age difference between Kroy 25 and Kim 35...shh)

This will be Zolciaks third child and third baby daddy. The couple has been together about 6 months now and Kim is selling her Atlanta Town home  in order to move in with Kroy.

I still stand by my claim that Kim is the most ghetto of the houswives lol! You never see her without her hair weaved up, she's always tryna push a demo, and she got three different baby daddy's...I rest my case.

Congrats to the un-suspecting Lucky couple:)