New Music from Kim Kardashian!: "Shake"(UPDATE) song is a fake????

The most popular person who does nothing in particular was alleged to be in the works of producing an album taking the internet by storm this morning. Her publicist corrected this rumor stating that the song does not belong to Kim and that it's someone pretending to be her.

I'm not going to lie, I was kinda hoping the song belonged to Kimmy K because at least it would justify why many of us admire someone who does nothing, but can still make enough money to buy adopt some kids from Africa, reverse the Hurricane damage in Haiti, and cure the common cold

I died a little inside when I found out that Kim was not the owner of this auto-tuned awesome song but at least I mastered the "Smokey Eye" from her blog....

STEP #1: Kim's Skin
.....Damn her Make-up is fierce!!