What do the contents of your purse say about you?

Ok, I know that looking into a woman's bag is supposed to be "Taboo" or something but I thought that it would be a cool way for you guys to get to know me a smidget:)

Posh's purse contents

The purse was a gift from my mom, not sure where she got it from but it's made by "Expressions NYC".
Flower pen
Rhinestone Earrings
Planner/Organizer (sadly im still not that organized)
Bible with "daisy" clasp (I love this! I got it from "Family Christian Stores",  It's cute and compact....there's no reason why you can't carry it if it's this convenient:)
Sunglasses (by JLo)
Lipgloss: "Iced Orchid by N.Y.C.", "Nude by NYX", and "Jumbo lip balm in strawberry"
Lotion (Beauty Rush in Honey Do by Victoria's Secret)
Pink Leather Wallet (by Buxton Leathers)
Travel size manicure set (by Ms. Manicure...was only $1 at Ulta)
Dessert Delights in "Strawberry Shortcake" by Extra Gum
Cucumber scented hand sanitizer...because tiz the season and people are gross
Journal to jot down all of my "Posh" ideas
Book im currently reading (For colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf)
Ikea's 2011 catalog
Marie Claire's October 2010 Issue

......ok so as you can see im a little bit of a bag lady lol! Looking at this window into my life via my purse...what type of person would you say I am, what's my personality like?