Lindsay is attacked by a Jealous Staffer at Betty Ford?

So Lindsay is currently under investigation for the assault of a Betty Ford staffer. The employee stated that Lohan snuck out with her friends to go drinking and upon her return was asked to take a breathalizer test. Lohan became hostile and attacked the staff person twisting her arm. The staffer went to the emergency room where she is reported to have sustained injuries.

Lohan is claiming her innocence in that the employee pushed her which caused her to call 911 because she felt she was in danger. The Betty Ford clinic has confirmed that the employee was fired due to breaking confidentiality rules by blabbing about the incident to anyone that would listen......Lindsay states that she has had issues with the staff person before mainly because she's jealous of Lindsay's career and fame....

                                       .......................I almost gave Lo-Jack the benefit of the doubt until she stated the jealousy thing. I can't find anybody in their right mind that would be jealous of this jail bird's career...WHAT CAREER? I didn't know that there were W-2's for coke heads/drunks/anorexics/menace's to society. Can someone please point me in the direction of "The Coke heads Inc." Human Resource dept cause they handing out jobs like candy....or  should I say cocaine LOL!