Book Review: 32 Candles

For all the girls that have ever been a victim of bullying, child abuse, and neglect and thought there would be no end to the nightmare....this book is for you. Ernessa T. Carter's "32 Candles" is evidence that trouble doesn't last always and that happiness can be reached when you learn to let go and embrace your future. 

After the passing of her Big Mama, Davidia's (Davie's) mother, whom she's never met before, returns to raise her and take the house she's left. Things go down hill for the young girl when she quickly realizes that that Big Mama was raising her for a reason.....her mother never wanted her. The abuse continues from there by her mother and if things weren't worse enough at home, she is teased and harassed by two new rich girls at school for being from the wrong side of the tracks, her dark skin, and good grades. Davie finds escape through her love for Molly Ringwald movies: "Pretty in Pink", "The Breakfast Club", and...."16 Candles". Things take a slight turn for the better when she runs into the boy of her dreams, only to find out that he is the older brother of the mean girls making her life a living hell.

I enjoyed this book so much that I  purposely tried to read it slow because I didn't want it to be over! Ernessa Carter is a great writer whose personal experiences shines it's light through her work and the main character. 

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