New! Bad Girls Club 6 - Re-Cap

I had my doubts about this new season because at first glance the girls seemed a lil "blah". However, as usual,  BGC always finds a way to surprise me and give me my much needed dose of sheer chaos and this snippet offers a window into the craziness promised to come.....

The network has dubbed this season as the most wild and charged season to date and I can see why.....I kinda wanted to yell "King Kong ain't got NUTHIN on This!!!" afterwards lol, that's how charged it is! I don't think I have ever seen this much of the camera crew and security in all their seasons!

On a more serious note....There are times when I worry if  I will have difficulty putting my Psychology degree to work.....but then there's a little glimmer of hope in the form of "The Bad Girls Club" all neatly packaged with a pretty little bow....*sigh*, as long as these chicks keep accepting their invitations to "Crazy" I will always be in business