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Fine to DEATH....Is a Big Booty worth your life?

Police in Pennsylvania were investigating Wednesday the death of a British tourist after she had silicone injections in her buttocks at a Philadelphia area hotel. Claudia Adusei, 20, was one of four women who traveled from England over the weekend.  The women apparently met on the internet and planned the details of the proceedure.  Two of the women had tagged-along, planning to vacation in New York City.
On Monday afternoon Adusei had the risky cosmetic procedure at a Hampton Inn.  She had two injections of silicone into her buttocks by suspected unlicensed practitioners.
She was taken to the hospital at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday after complaining of chest pains.  Paramedics say she was awake and coherent on the ride to the hospital.  She died suddenly early Tuesday at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, in Darby.
A preliminary medical examination revealed that the silicone went into her central vascular system, ultimately stopping her heart, but the toxicology results are needed for a final determination. Results from the Delaware County medical examiner won't be back for 6-8 weeks.
Philadelphia cops were looking for two woman who gave Adusei and one of her friends the injections.  The other woman who received an injection was seen being escorted from the hotel by police.
Philadelphia Detective Lt. John Walker said the size of the rogue industry was unclear. "It's the first one we've had, we're looking into it with other agencies ... to determine how big this problem actually is," he said.
Felmont Eaves III, president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, said he doubted the women who administered the shots were licensed. "No physician that cared about being safe and providing care would do a procedure in a hotel room," he said. "That is just a huge red flag."
The Food and Drug Administration was also involved in the investigation into the possible licenses.
British embassy officials were also at the hotel.
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Make-Up Haul: E.L.F. Cosmetics

E.L.F (Eyes, Lips,Face) Cosmetics is an affordable line of quality make-up and  beauty products. I first found it at Target and was blown away at how CHEAP it was. Don't let their prices fool you, their products are good. I just received the items below from them and guess what....All of this retails for a little under$25!!! Check out the item descriptions:

Bronzer- $1.00
Make-Up Powder Puffs- $1.00
Neutral Eyeshadow palette- Free Gift
Make-up Setting Spray- $3.00
Cream Eyeliner in "Black"- $3.00
Pressed Powder in "CoCo"- $3.00
Faux Lashes- $1.00
Matte Lip Color in "Tea Rose"- $3.00
Matte Lip Color in "Natural"- $3.00
32 piece eyeshadow Palette- $5.00
Eyeliner brush- $1.00
Eye Shadow Blending Brush $1.00

Dear "Lil" Kim....You Need a Hobbie....


Weak....Kim stop throwing stones in a glass house....How can you call Nikki out on being "Fake" when you have a new nose, lips, boobs,hair line, eyes, I don't even think your fingerprints are the same anymore. Besides, imitation is the highest form of flattery, I didn't hear Salt 'N' Peppa make a dis record when you swagger jacked them....I'm just sayin.

Sadly, the cover is about the hardest thing about this album....Kim sounds remedial and unpolished, all that energy that went into her hating Nikki should have gone into her delivery. The mixtape is selling for $10 online here, unfortunately I would rather give my $10 to a terrorist to buy a farewell card than to give it to Lil Kim's bootleg mixtape project.

Take a Gander for yourself..........

Album Art for Chris Brown's New Album: "F.A.M.E."

I'm happy that the king of the "Dougie" is redeeming himself and coming out with a new album, but I'm not feeling the Album cover....This looks like one of those hip-hop collage posters sold in urban flea markets back in the 90's....

In case you don't believe me........

Why do I have a sudden urge to pull out my old hot pink pager/beeper,"Cross Colors" Hoodie and bamboo earrings lol!....

10 signs that you could be the "Jump Off"

"Side chick", "Side-Line hoe", "Bust it Baby","Jump Off"..... All are code names for women  used specifically for sexual and or financial benefits with no intent to pursue a relationship. Most women would never classify themselves as any of these titles and if you were to ask many women who are in a "relationship" they would say that they are anything but a "Jump Off".

Don't get me wrong I have come across women who are very much aware that they are not the only woman and are perfectly fine with playing second best or sneaking around with another woman's man. I'm speaking on women who are under the impression that they are in a committed relationship with someone who is doing other wise.

As women, sometimes we can be extremely passive, tolerating, and naive when it comes to the ways of a man who wants to have his cake and eat it to. We ignore the tell tale signs that we are not the number One woman in his life and we make excuses for not being treated with respect. So I'm here to break it down for those who are in denial about what their role is in their "Man's" life.....

 10 Signs that you could be the "Jump-Off"

1. If your man has NEVER/Has no desire to meet your close friends or relatives and you have NEVER met his close friends or relatives.

2. If you only see your man once a week, only after midnight, and only at a designated place....You could be a Jump Off.

3. If your "quality time" consists of only having don't go out, or he doesn't take you out, and he avoids being seen with you in public.

4. He keeps his cellphone closer than his SKIN, leaving the room to check text messages or voice mails, or has a SECOND cell phone that isn't for work purposes.

5. He hits you up for money every chance he gets or is only in your life during your pay weeks.

6. Doesn't defend your honor when you are disrespected or taken advantage of by others.

7. You receive threatening phone calls from other women i.e. (wives, girlfriends,....other jump offs).

8. He makes no effort to get to know things that you are interested in i.e. (work, hobbies, interests).

9. He always stresses how he doesn't like surprises, you have to call before coming over to his place or job or you have never seen his place or job.

10. After 6 months or more of dating and sexual encounters he is still introducing you as his "friend" or "home girl".....

Bonus: He get's really defensive when you bring up your relationship status and your "title" as his girlfriend, woman, wifey...

Don't kill the messenger....kill the "sorry" relationship. This can be a harsh reality but the sooner you come to terms with recognizing an unhealthy relationship the sooner you can leave and move on to something better. Men only do what you allow them to do so if you are justifying and allowing this person to take advantage of you don't be surprised if you look up one day and find that you have given a great part of your life to someone who has never given you anything in return.

My Top 10 Black Female Icons♥

#1 (My Mom)-Despite hard times and obstacles my mother has proven to be the strongest woman I know and aspire to be. A single mother of 7, she used the system to move my family and I out of a dangerous neighborhood, put herself through school, and is now a pillar in her company. She ran a tight household and taught me to be the determined woman I am today. There is no one Greater than my Mother.  
#2 (Oprah) Oprah has conquered everything thing she has set out to do and annihilated racial barriers in the entertainment industry.  She is the first woman to ever have her own network

#3 (Zora Neale Hurston) Zora is one of Greatest female WRITERS of hour time with her novel "Their Eyes were watching God" still topping the Best Seller charts.
#4 (Diana Ross) Before Beyonce there was Diana....A Beautiful songstress who captivated audiences in both the music and film industry. This multi-talented Goddess has taken her stake in history as well as influenced and produced off spring that are just as talented.
#5 (Patti LaBelle) Patti whose heart is as big as her  voice has gone on to create a brand through her television series, cookbooks, make-up, and fragrance line. This Diva till this day can still work the stage better than ANY of the current artists out to date.
#6 (Janet Jackson) She first stole our hearts as Penny during her child acting years but has gone on to be the timeless beauty who can work the big screen and a stage. Janet has broken more records than any other artists in her genre and seems to only be getting better with time.
#7 (Beyonce) Bey is the hardest working woman in show business right now breaking out of the R&B mold and into a World Wide Phenomenon. She makes years of hard work look so natural and is coined as the most endorsed female artist to date.
#8 (Mary J. Blige)  This Beauty from Yonkers, New York over came drugs, abuse, and heartache only to become the Queen of Hip Hop and R&B and believe me no one will EVER take this Diva's crown. I grew up listening to Mary's music and it got me through alot of hard times as well. There is no woman more down to earth and Genuine as MJB.
#9 (Eartha Kitt) During a time when Racial barriers were at their strongest Eartha staked her claim as one of the Bombshells of her time. Known for her roles as one of the "Bond" girls and the very first cat Woman, she is still a timeless icon.
#10 (Brandy Norwood) Brandy who first starred on the hit sitcom "Thea" surprised the world when she displayed her beautiful singing voice. Brandy was an excellent role model for black girls and showed the industry that talent isn't only possessed by the blonde haired and blue eyed....Brandy has gone on to sell more albums and have more hit shows than anyone during her time. She has grown beautiful with time and still is able to belt out a voice that demands respect.

BedRock Inspired Eyes: by "MakeUp Addict"

I'm a huge fan of MakeUpAddict's Blog, here is a recent tutorial on how to do the Make-up inspired look by Nicki Minaj in the "Bed Rock" Video....

All eyeshadows used from this palette.Matte 42 double stack palette

product used
mac studio sculpt foundation
mally concealer
mac mystery e/s useds in brows

light yellow e/s inner 1/3 lid and below water waterline
baby blue e/s 2/3 lid and below waterline
purple e/s outer lid and below waterline
mufe 92 outer v
mac ricepaper e/s as highlight
barry m liquid liner
mac smoulder in waterline
ardell demi wispie lashes

benefit hoola to contour
Nars mata hari blush
mac pink swoon blush

nyx rose l/l
mac scanty l/s
mac pink poodle lipgloss

Perfume Review: "Love ♥ Me" by Victoria's Secret.

No I'm not being conceited lol, I went to VS looking for a new fragrance to usher in the Spring vibe and came across their new fragrance "Love Me", it's a mixture of Wild berries, Madagascar Orchid and Musk....and it smells divine! This is apart of their "Sexy Little Things Noir" Collection. I bought the Eau de Parfum for $45 but they have it in the body spray and lotion as well, see below....

"Love Me' Eau de Parfum $45

"Love Me" Scented Body Mist $25

"Love Me" Body Lotion $20


I'm so ready for this winter to be over so I can get started on my spring/summer shopping. My new love is the romper, it's cute and an easy pop-on outfit for the girl on the go. 

.......Posh approved ♥

Promotional Poster and Release date for Tyler Perry's "Big Happy Family"!!

Tyler Perry is set to release his New Movie "Big Happy Family" this spring, April 22nd. Looks like it's going to be good by evidence of the hilarious teaser posters lol!.....

Plot Details

Madea, everyone’s favorite wise-cracking, take-no-prisoners grandma, jumps into action when her niece, Shirley, receives distressing news about her health. All Shirley wants is to gather her three adult children around her and share the news as a family. But Tammy, Kimberly and Byron are too distracted by their own problems: Tammy can’t manage her unruly children or her broken marriage; Kimberly is gripped with anger and takes it out on her husband; and Byron, after spending two years in jail, is under pressure to deal drugs again. It’s up to Madea, with the help of the equally rambunctious Aunt Bam, to gather the clan together and make things right the only way she knows how: with a lot of tough love, laughter…and the revelation of a long-buried family secret.

Starring: Tyler Perry, Shad “Bow Wow” Moss, Loretta Devine, Cassi Davis, Lauren London, David Mann, Tamela Brown Mann, Isaiah Mustafa, Rodney Perry, Shannon Kane, Natalie Desselle Reid, Teyana Taylor

I'm excited I think that it's going to be hilarious! It will also be refreshing to see some new faces on the big screen for a change.......

Join "The Black Doll Affair Social Club": We're pretty...philanthropic!

As seen in Essence  and heard on Tom Joyner, with its own day in Georgia, The Black Doll Affair is a social club of women referred to as The Black Dolls.
 Having gone by invitation to the White, what The Black Dolls know for is,
All sizes, shades and ages of 18 years and older, from college students to mother, working girls to ladies of leisure, The Black Dolls are b'huetiful philanthropic role models that band together to tackle the black families issues with shadeism, self-hatred and low self-esteem. For young girls and adult women that look like them, The Black Dolls are on a mission to remind that "Black IS B'huetiful!"  For toddlers, during their Black Doll Deliveries, The Black Dolls deliver their message of b'huety with the gift of a toy black doll. For teens, the Black Dolls hold Self-Esteem Tween Summits. For adult women, The Black Dolls host Conversations of Legacy.  For fun, the Black Dolls enjoy each other at social playdates. Join Them.

 Membership starts at only $20 and there are other tiers of membership levels. 

 "Dolls are more than toys, they're a reflection of who we are."

New Video from Rhianna "S&M"

I guess she's trying to re-invent herself, I like the video but I'm not a fan of the song because it doesn't seem to quite fit her. But she did warn us several bubble gum albums ago that she's a "Good Girl Gone Bad"....*Shrugs*

"I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it"

 ........Carry on RiRi

Cute Valentines Day Dress Ideas♥

Take your Boo's breath away this Cupid Holiday with these Sexy Dresses......

Strapless dress from $24.80

Polka Dot Dress $44.50

Strapless Lace Ruched Dress $78

Sequin Pocket Dress $68

Selena dress $69

Tori Dress $34.80