10 signs that you could be the "Jump Off"

"Side chick", "Side-Line hoe", "Bust it Baby","Jump Off"..... All are code names for women  used specifically for sexual and or financial benefits with no intent to pursue a relationship. Most women would never classify themselves as any of these titles and if you were to ask many women who are in a "relationship" they would say that they are anything but a "Jump Off".

Don't get me wrong I have come across women who are very much aware that they are not the only woman and are perfectly fine with playing second best or sneaking around with another woman's man. I'm speaking on women who are under the impression that they are in a committed relationship with someone who is doing other wise.

As women, sometimes we can be extremely passive, tolerating, and naive when it comes to the ways of a man who wants to have his cake and eat it to. We ignore the tell tale signs that we are not the number One woman in his life and we make excuses for not being treated with respect. So I'm here to break it down for those who are in denial about what their role is in their "Man's" life.....

 10 Signs that you could be the "Jump-Off"

1. If your man has NEVER/Has no desire to meet your close friends or relatives and you have NEVER met his close friends or relatives.

2. If you only see your man once a week, only after midnight, and only at a designated place....You could be a Jump Off.

3. If your "quality time" consists of only having don't go out, or he doesn't take you out, and he avoids being seen with you in public.

4. He keeps his cellphone closer than his SKIN, leaving the room to check text messages or voice mails, or has a SECOND cell phone that isn't for work purposes.

5. He hits you up for money every chance he gets or is only in your life during your pay weeks.

6. Doesn't defend your honor when you are disrespected or taken advantage of by others.

7. You receive threatening phone calls from other women i.e. (wives, girlfriends,....other jump offs).

8. He makes no effort to get to know things that you are interested in i.e. (work, hobbies, interests).

9. He always stresses how he doesn't like surprises, you have to call before coming over to his place or job or you have never seen his place or job.

10. After 6 months or more of dating and sexual encounters he is still introducing you as his "friend" or "home girl".....

Bonus: He get's really defensive when you bring up your relationship status and your "title" as his girlfriend, woman, wifey...

Don't kill the messenger....kill the "sorry" relationship. This can be a harsh reality but the sooner you come to terms with recognizing an unhealthy relationship the sooner you can leave and move on to something better. Men only do what you allow them to do so if you are justifying and allowing this person to take advantage of you don't be surprised if you look up one day and find that you have given a great part of your life to someone who has never given you anything in return.