Fine to DEATH....Is a Big Booty worth your life?

Police in Pennsylvania were investigating Wednesday the death of a British tourist after she had silicone injections in her buttocks at a Philadelphia area hotel. Claudia Adusei, 20, was one of four women who traveled from England over the weekend.  The women apparently met on the internet and planned the details of the proceedure.  Two of the women had tagged-along, planning to vacation in New York City.
On Monday afternoon Adusei had the risky cosmetic procedure at a Hampton Inn.  She had two injections of silicone into her buttocks by suspected unlicensed practitioners.
She was taken to the hospital at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday after complaining of chest pains.  Paramedics say she was awake and coherent on the ride to the hospital.  She died suddenly early Tuesday at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, in Darby.
A preliminary medical examination revealed that the silicone went into her central vascular system, ultimately stopping her heart, but the toxicology results are needed for a final determination. Results from the Delaware County medical examiner won't be back for 6-8 weeks.
Philadelphia cops were looking for two woman who gave Adusei and one of her friends the injections.  The other woman who received an injection was seen being escorted from the hotel by police.
Philadelphia Detective Lt. John Walker said the size of the rogue industry was unclear. "It's the first one we've had, we're looking into it with other agencies ... to determine how big this problem actually is," he said.
Felmont Eaves III, president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, said he doubted the women who administered the shots were licensed. "No physician that cared about being safe and providing care would do a procedure in a hotel room," he said. "That is just a huge red flag."
The Food and Drug Administration was also involved in the investigation into the possible licenses.
British embassy officials were also at the hotel.
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