Join "The Black Doll Affair Social Club": We're pretty...philanthropic!

As seen in Essence  and heard on Tom Joyner, with its own day in Georgia, The Black Doll Affair is a social club of women referred to as The Black Dolls.
 Having gone by invitation to the White, what The Black Dolls know for is,
All sizes, shades and ages of 18 years and older, from college students to mother, working girls to ladies of leisure, The Black Dolls are b'huetiful philanthropic role models that band together to tackle the black families issues with shadeism, self-hatred and low self-esteem. For young girls and adult women that look like them, The Black Dolls are on a mission to remind that "Black IS B'huetiful!"  For toddlers, during their Black Doll Deliveries, The Black Dolls deliver their message of b'huety with the gift of a toy black doll. For teens, the Black Dolls hold Self-Esteem Tween Summits. For adult women, The Black Dolls host Conversations of Legacy.  For fun, the Black Dolls enjoy each other at social playdates. Join Them.

 Membership starts at only $20 and there are other tiers of membership levels. 

 "Dolls are more than toys, they're a reflection of who we are."