My Top 10 Black Female Icons♥

#1 (My Mom)-Despite hard times and obstacles my mother has proven to be the strongest woman I know and aspire to be. A single mother of 7, she used the system to move my family and I out of a dangerous neighborhood, put herself through school, and is now a pillar in her company. She ran a tight household and taught me to be the determined woman I am today. There is no one Greater than my Mother.  
#2 (Oprah) Oprah has conquered everything thing she has set out to do and annihilated racial barriers in the entertainment industry.  She is the first woman to ever have her own network

#3 (Zora Neale Hurston) Zora is one of Greatest female WRITERS of hour time with her novel "Their Eyes were watching God" still topping the Best Seller charts.
#4 (Diana Ross) Before Beyonce there was Diana....A Beautiful songstress who captivated audiences in both the music and film industry. This multi-talented Goddess has taken her stake in history as well as influenced and produced off spring that are just as talented.
#5 (Patti LaBelle) Patti whose heart is as big as her  voice has gone on to create a brand through her television series, cookbooks, make-up, and fragrance line. This Diva till this day can still work the stage better than ANY of the current artists out to date.
#6 (Janet Jackson) She first stole our hearts as Penny during her child acting years but has gone on to be the timeless beauty who can work the big screen and a stage. Janet has broken more records than any other artists in her genre and seems to only be getting better with time.
#7 (Beyonce) Bey is the hardest working woman in show business right now breaking out of the R&B mold and into a World Wide Phenomenon. She makes years of hard work look so natural and is coined as the most endorsed female artist to date.
#8 (Mary J. Blige)  This Beauty from Yonkers, New York over came drugs, abuse, and heartache only to become the Queen of Hip Hop and R&B and believe me no one will EVER take this Diva's crown. I grew up listening to Mary's music and it got me through alot of hard times as well. There is no woman more down to earth and Genuine as MJB.
#9 (Eartha Kitt) During a time when Racial barriers were at their strongest Eartha staked her claim as one of the Bombshells of her time. Known for her roles as one of the "Bond" girls and the very first cat Woman, she is still a timeless icon.
#10 (Brandy Norwood) Brandy who first starred on the hit sitcom "Thea" surprised the world when she displayed her beautiful singing voice. Brandy was an excellent role model for black girls and showed the industry that talent isn't only possessed by the blonde haired and blue eyed....Brandy has gone on to sell more albums and have more hit shows than anyone during her time. She has grown beautiful with time and still is able to belt out a voice that demands respect.