Hair Tips for Women of Color....That actually work.

African American hair is considered the toughest of the hair types, when it is actually the most fragile and prone to breakage. The big difference comes from the thicker outer layer, which is where the hair gets its kinky property. African American hair is hard to maintain and keep healthy, but it is doable. With the right tips and techniques, African American women can have soft, long and beautiful hair.
  1. Shampooing and Conditioning

    • There so are many different shampoos and conditioner on the market it is hard to know which is best for African American hair. Products may be made just for African American hair, but that doesn't mean they are the best. Actually, there are several types of products that should be used at different times.
      African American hair doesn't hold moisture very well, which is why it is easy to break and shed. Aussie Moist, Crème of Nature or Mizani are good moisturizing products.
      After a while, the same products start to cause build-up. At least twice a month, you need a good clarifying shampoo to thoroughly clean the hair. Any clarifying shampoo will do, or you can add a little baking soda to your regular shampoo. Clarifying shampoos strip the hair of everything, though, including moisture, so back it up with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.
      Relaxed hair should be shampooed with protein shampoos at least once a week. During the relaxer process, keratin protein is broken down. Protein shampoos replace the keratin in the hair and shield it from breakage.


    • To keep African American hair healthy, certain treatments should be done regularly. Protein treatments are always recommended. Hair is 88% protein, and needs to be restored and rebuilt to remain healthy and reduce breakage.
      If done incorrectly, however, protein can also add to the breakage. Limit heat when doing protein treatments. If the treatment is left in for too long, the hair will become brittle and hard. Do not comb or brush the hair when it is in this state. Re-wet the hair and rinse the treatment before combing it. Also, follow the protein treatment with a moisturizing treatment.

    Styling and Maintenance

    • Styling and maintenance is easy and simple with the right tools. Use large-tooth combs to avoid breakage. Moisturize the hair twice a day with oil- or water-based moisturizer. Sleep on satin pillows, or with a satin or silk scarf around the head; this helps to retain moisture in the hair while sleeping.

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Rhinestone Pumps: DivaLicious Boutique♥!

Spotted these beauties on Olivia Blois Sharpe of "Jerseylicious" and started literally drooling at the screen. Made by the "DivaLicious Boutique" out of New Jersey, They are $185 and can be ordered through the company's fan page on Facebook.

Nail colors that POP for Spring and Summer!

Cute Room Idea: Preppy Living Room♥

I just thought this was a cute living room idea♥

The Legendary Elizabeth Taylor Passes away at age 79.

Hollywood great Elizabeth Taylor passed away today at the age of 79. Elizabeth has graced the screens as a leading actress for over 5 decades. Originally a child star she grew into one of the most acknowledged sex symbols with her beautiful dark features and alluring curves. She was one of the most sought after
women of her time, receiving courtship from wealthy, elite men all over the world. She leaves behind an empire built on her "Taylor" brand and a slew of broken hearts. Rest in Peace to a Beautiful amazing Star.

Basketball Wives Season 2 Part 1 & 2 of the Reunion (Plus my fashion favs)

This seasons reunion was definitely more "saucier" than the first allowing the ladies to vent their frustrations and commentary from the show. Royce has turned into might mouse, standing up to "Mean" and "Evil" a.k.a Evelyn and Jennifer. Shaunie continues to play coy and act like she's not the drama starter when she does things like encourage Evelyn to confess to Tami that she was her ex-husbands jump-off. Jennifer continues to display her severe need of Hooked on Phonics, Evelyn is at the height of her Bi-Polarness evidenced by apologizing to Tami and saying she could give a f*ck if they were friends again in the same breath. Gloria continues to chump the hell out of Shaunie, Suzy still plays deer in the head lights with a thick lisp and Ashley or whatever her name continues to be a random walk on guest.

Some of the lady's brought their "A" game at the reunion show. Among my favorites were Tami's beautiful natural make-up, Royce's lustrous hair, Shaunie's to-die-for pumps, Gloria's Bedrock inspired dress, and Evelyn's HERVÉ LÉGER Geometric jacquard bandage dress. On my least fav list was Suzy's extra regular look, and Jennifer's mother of the bride balled up aluminum foil dress to say the  least most.


Shaunie's pumps!
Evelyn's dress and LB shoes

By Popular Demand: Shoes by Dianne the Donna

These pumps were featured in one of my recent post, worn by female rapper Lola Monroe. I've been asked to research who makes these and I found the genius! They were hand made for Lola's "Overtime" video by designer Dianne the Donna.

Here is another creation made by Dianne the Donna
To get more info on how to get your own, follow @DianneTheDonna on twitter or follow her Blog REGALIA.

♥Temporary Lip Tattoos♥

I saw this look on Keyshia Cole a while back and loved it! If you're looking to Amp up your make-up, look no further!

The temporary tattoos are made by "Violent Lips" and pretty much are Minx for your lips. "Violent Lips" website launch is in the works but you can follow their company on Twitter to receive updates: @violentlips

Recipe for "Posh"ness: Little Black Dress Edition

Large Necklace

Stud Earrings so that it doesn't compete with the large necklace

Simple but Sexy dress to allow the accessories to POP!

Sexy Shoe to Sign off...

Sexy Clutch to compliment the entire package
-Posh Approved ♥

Cheetah 'ER' Thang♥!

Cheetah Heart Earrings by Tilly's

Dress by Nicky Hilton's Clothing line "Chick"

Cheetah Print bag by Juicy Couture
Cheetah pumps by Louboutin

Cheetah tights by Forever21

Unleash your wild side!