Basketball Wives Season 2 Part 1 & 2 of the Reunion (Plus my fashion favs)

This seasons reunion was definitely more "saucier" than the first allowing the ladies to vent their frustrations and commentary from the show. Royce has turned into might mouse, standing up to "Mean" and "Evil" a.k.a Evelyn and Jennifer. Shaunie continues to play coy and act like she's not the drama starter when she does things like encourage Evelyn to confess to Tami that she was her ex-husbands jump-off. Jennifer continues to display her severe need of Hooked on Phonics, Evelyn is at the height of her Bi-Polarness evidenced by apologizing to Tami and saying she could give a f*ck if they were friends again in the same breath. Gloria continues to chump the hell out of Shaunie, Suzy still plays deer in the head lights with a thick lisp and Ashley or whatever her name continues to be a random walk on guest.

Some of the lady's brought their "A" game at the reunion show. Among my favorites were Tami's beautiful natural make-up, Royce's lustrous hair, Shaunie's to-die-for pumps, Gloria's Bedrock inspired dress, and Evelyn's HERVÉ LÉGER Geometric jacquard bandage dress. On my least fav list was Suzy's extra regular look, and Jennifer's mother of the bride balled up aluminum foil dress to say the  least most.


Shaunie's pumps!
Evelyn's dress and LB shoes