Neon Lipstick!

I love this new make-up trend of incorporating neon colored shades. Electrifying!!!

Topsy Turbin...

Some days you don't want to primp up the weave, fluff out the wig, or slick up the fro...
....Thanks to the Hair Gods, who've smiled upon us, we've been blessed this fashion season with the turbin!

*Sigh* ....I love the simple things in life:)

Tierra James: "Shreds" Jewelry Designer!!

So I was wandering around my own business...when I was stopped dead in my tracks by a pair of the most cute, unique earrings I've laid eyes upon in a while. Me being the "shy" person I am B-LINED straight to the wearer of said earrings and introduced myself. The owner was a sales associate not only rocking the hell out of the earrings but a cute outfit as well. I asked where she purchased the earrings and she smiled saying "oh I made's just something I do." ...Long story short, I straight purchased them off of her "pretty little ears"...*Wicked Witch of the West Voice*...LOL!

Well, her name is Tierra James and she's based out of the Atlanta area. Her line of jewelry is called "SHREDS" a creative twist to handmade jewelry and you can CLICK HERE to check out more of the "SHREDS" line, get purchasing information and to follow Tierra on Facebook.

Keep up the Creative work Tierra ♥!

More from "Make-up Addict"....We ♥ Sabina!

So I've followed this blogging diva for about a year now and I honestly don't think I've seen a look I haven't loved on her make-up blog! Check out her most recent look and follow her blog for more updates and tutorials:)

This is her "Mac freshwater and parrot eye shadow look"....

Gorge ♥!