I absolutely love my new Kate Spade Mug....for some reason my coffee and tea seem to taste extra special when I drink from this:)......#thesmallthings

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Book Review: "Take this Book to work" by Tory Johnson & Robyn Freedman-Spizman

In a quest to invest in my career I stumbled on this great book! "Take This Book To Work" by Tory Johnson & Robyn Freedman-Spizman has proven to be a save all for me. It's a great guide for addressing difficult career decisions, life changes, and personal gain.

My favorite sections in the book include but are not limited to:
  1. "How to ask about a position's salary without divulging your salary history.
  2. How to ask to be considered for positions outside of stereotypical roles.
  3. How to ask for company-sponsored child care.
  4. How to ask for feedback on an idea without losing credit.
  5. How to ask for a day off to attend to a child's needs.
The author(s) do a great job teaching you office, interview and networking etiquette. They include a few funny pointers like "How to ask a co-worker to stop wearing strong perfume" or "How to ask a co-worker to clean up after themselves"....priceless. 

Johnson & Spizman made sure to cater this book to women as we often don't have guidance in our career or our path to choosing a career. I enjoyed the direct language and advice that is relevant to our current times.
Overall good read and great gift for those wanting to take their career by the horns!


True Mummy in Stilettos "Black Chyna" and her adorable son "King"...


Product Review: "High Pheels" Interchangeable Skins for High Heel Shoes!

When I received this in the mail from accessory designer Anthony Ciccarelli I was soo excited! Anthony sent me his cool innovative "High Pheels" shoe skin to try out and review and the jury is in....Love it!

I love that I could take a shoe that was already apart of my fabulous arsenal and flip it into something completely different without having to trudge through the mall, try on a bazillion pairs of shoes and wait on crappy customer service. Having the High Pheel allowed me to take a shoe that I knew already fit my foot perfectly and transform it into a sexy new heel!

I asked Anthony what inspired the creation of such a brilliant accessory and he shared this story....
" High Pheels (pronounced peels) were born on leap day, February 2012, when a friend flew down with an entire suitcase full of high heel shoes. 'There had to be and easier way, why not have one shoe and change out the covers'. That's when High Pheels was born!"
High Pheels work best with a pair of closed toe platform pumps and comes in several colors and prints...
......oh and did I mention that Anthony was a Hottie:)
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Out and About: Kate Middelton & Baby Bump

Kate is always so prim and proper and carry's it even through out her pregnancy....

Kate Middleton Shows Off Baby Bump In Mulberry Coat
The Royal Mummy is expecting her elite bundle of joy any day now!

Papi in Stilettos: Perez Hilton

I love this picture of single dad Perez Hilton and his little one.

Perez Catches You Up On Life As A First-time Parent And Single Dad

Perez adopted his son last year and I must say that I enjoy seeing him gush over this little cutie pie. In a video posted on the popular blog Perez shares an intimate segment on his experience being a single dad and new eyes were a little watery:)

It takes a special type of person to be a parent but it takes an amazing human being to adopt and to do it without a co-parent. He's my first dubbed "Papi in Stilettos".
Truly inspired!
"It (prejudice) is such a waste. It makes you logy and half-alive. It gives you nothing. It takes away."
                                                                                          ~The Beautiful Dorothy Dandridge

Haute Make Up Artist: Bee(YOU)ty by Bee Wade MUA &

Bee is setting the bar Kabuki brush high when it comes to fabulous make overs for celebrities and everyday women. I follow Bee on fb and instagram and can spend hours flipping through her photos, her skill is amaze-balls!
Her Werk.....

She not only can blend a mean Smokey eye but she is an exceptional photographer and fabulous mommy as well!
Follow the fabulous Bee Wade:
 Instagram: @allthings bee
Twitter: @beewademua

Some Bey and Blue Ivy Realness:).....

So glad she looks like her mommy lol!

Nicole Polizzi: New mom, new look.....

Snooki's look has come under fire because of her recent weight loss. I actually love her look because it's a reflection of her giving her smoking and drinking addictions the boot! She credits the birth of her soon for her turn around in life style and reports that she feels better than before.
I will always be a Jersey Shore fan and Snooki #stan.... Great job Snooks!

Building memories with your little ones wardrobe...

I sometimes have a difficult time parting with my baby girls' cute wardrobe pieces especially the pieces drenched in bows, polka dots and lace. So in a quest to not be "that mom" who collects evertyhing of her child's I've resorted to employing alternatives....

Quilting! This can be a tangible time line of your child's growth and can provide a teaching moment in story telling. Share with your child about the shirt they wore their first day of school, the pretty dress worn at their christening, or the fabric they were swaddled in their first day home from the hospital.

Shadow boxing: I love this idea because this can be an interactive project between parent and child. Take memorable clothing, favorite toys, hospital documents, and hand/foot prints placing them in a three dimensional frame in the child's room.

Doll clothes: if your child has a doll that's dear to them allow them to use their baby clothing as dress up pieces for their doll. This will also save you money in not purchasing unnecessary doll accessories.

And for you moms who have no qualms with parting with those precious pieces there is the option of consignment! Sell your baby's clothing and earn cash to shower upon them more gifts...or buy yourself something;)

Late night blogging: Pretty Kitchens in my head....

So yeah, I should be sleeping but when you have a toddler who has the stamina of an Olympian your social time starts at their bed time....hence my late night typing's:)
Nothing calms the mind of a mommy like some late night online window shopping lol. Tonight's edition is cute prissy kitchen's. I have no time to remake my kitchen but it doesn't hurt to surf for idea's in the event that my hectic schedule free's up allowing me the opportunity of doing something outside of the realm of work and Sprout marathon's. #happyblogging

Food for thought: It's 2013...Do you know where your boundaries are?


Boundaries are important for acquiring and maintaining healthy relationships. In some form or fashion we all have someone in our family, social circle, or love life that consistently pushes our boundaries when it comes to respecting our decisions or wishes. If you're saying to yourself, "nope...don't have that problem",  most likely you're the person that pushes these boundaries.
How often have you allowed others to take your time, money, and heart for the sake of acceptance or simply keeping the peace?...Well, NEWS FLASH, it only gets worst! Statistics show that individuals with little to no boundaries are at higher risk for financial problems, depression, substance abuse and even suicide.
2013 for many is the beginning point of a new start. I hear resolutions of weight loss, spring cleaning , and career moves but not much about flushing out toxic individuals. One of the most consistent themes among successful people is the decision to change who they have around them and the influences of others.

Here are a few pointers to help spark healthy boundaries:
1.Name your limits-what do you stand for? What is a deal breaker? Set spiritual, mental, and emotional limits. Also, pay attention to what causes you to feel uncomfortable or stressed.

2.Be direct- Don't beat around the bush when it comes to what you like or dislike. Often times you will be pleasantly surprised at how much people will respect you when you are straight up.

3.Allow yourself to feel-when you begin setting or enforcing boundaries you may fear the response of the person(S) you are setting boundaries for. Guilt, fear and self-doubt are all natural feelings and won't last as long as feeling manipulated and forced into something you don't want to do. 

4.Don't be the caretaker-stop surrounding yourself with people who don't return your generosity. It's not your job to save others, you only end up drained and bitter.

5.Find Support- draw positive energy from church, support groups, and good friends.

 Healthy boundaries attract Healthy people, Healthy people live a long prosperous life!