Food for thought: It's 2013...Do you know where your boundaries are?


Boundaries are important for acquiring and maintaining healthy relationships. In some form or fashion we all have someone in our family, social circle, or love life that consistently pushes our boundaries when it comes to respecting our decisions or wishes. If you're saying to yourself, "nope...don't have that problem",  most likely you're the person that pushes these boundaries.
How often have you allowed others to take your time, money, and heart for the sake of acceptance or simply keeping the peace?...Well, NEWS FLASH, it only gets worst! Statistics show that individuals with little to no boundaries are at higher risk for financial problems, depression, substance abuse and even suicide.
2013 for many is the beginning point of a new start. I hear resolutions of weight loss, spring cleaning , and career moves but not much about flushing out toxic individuals. One of the most consistent themes among successful people is the decision to change who they have around them and the influences of others.

Here are a few pointers to help spark healthy boundaries:
1.Name your limits-what do you stand for? What is a deal breaker? Set spiritual, mental, and emotional limits. Also, pay attention to what causes you to feel uncomfortable or stressed.

2.Be direct- Don't beat around the bush when it comes to what you like or dislike. Often times you will be pleasantly surprised at how much people will respect you when you are straight up.

3.Allow yourself to feel-when you begin setting or enforcing boundaries you may fear the response of the person(S) you are setting boundaries for. Guilt, fear and self-doubt are all natural feelings and won't last as long as feeling manipulated and forced into something you don't want to do. 

4.Don't be the caretaker-stop surrounding yourself with people who don't return your generosity. It's not your job to save others, you only end up drained and bitter.

5.Find Support- draw positive energy from church, support groups, and good friends.

 Healthy boundaries attract Healthy people, Healthy people live a long prosperous life!