True Mummy in Stilettos "Black Chyna" and her adorable son "King"...


Product Review: "High Pheels" Interchangeable Skins for High Heel Shoes!

When I received this in the mail from accessory designer Anthony Ciccarelli I was soo excited! Anthony sent me his cool innovative "High Pheels" shoe skin to try out and review and the jury is in....Love it!

I love that I could take a shoe that was already apart of my fabulous arsenal and flip it into something completely different without having to trudge through the mall, try on a bazillion pairs of shoes and wait on crappy customer service. Having the High Pheel allowed me to take a shoe that I knew already fit my foot perfectly and transform it into a sexy new heel!

I asked Anthony what inspired the creation of such a brilliant accessory and he shared this story....
" High Pheels (pronounced peels) were born on leap day, February 2012, when a friend flew down with an entire suitcase full of high heel shoes. 'There had to be and easier way, why not have one shoe and change out the covers'. That's when High Pheels was born!"
High Pheels work best with a pair of closed toe platform pumps and comes in several colors and prints...
......oh and did I mention that Anthony was a Hottie:)
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Out and About: Kate Middelton & Baby Bump

Kate is always so prim and proper and carry's it even through out her pregnancy....

Kate Middleton Shows Off Baby Bump In Mulberry Coat
The Royal Mummy is expecting her elite bundle of joy any day now!

Papi in Stilettos: Perez Hilton

I love this picture of single dad Perez Hilton and his little one.

Perez Catches You Up On Life As A First-time Parent And Single Dad

Perez adopted his son last year and I must say that I enjoy seeing him gush over this little cutie pie. In a video posted on the popular blog Perez shares an intimate segment on his experience being a single dad and new eyes were a little watery:)

It takes a special type of person to be a parent but it takes an amazing human being to adopt and to do it without a co-parent. He's my first dubbed "Papi in Stilettos".
Truly inspired!