This year was great and I'm grateful to enter into 2015!! The funny thing is, this is the time when people do their "life" inventory and try to check their stock in accomplishments, relationships, and overall worth. Not me...I think I kicked that habit circa 2011. Honestly, I believe the end of the year should be a reflection of gratitude and embracement of your true self (not post-New Years self).
I'm no prophet but I understand the depth of this quote....Here's to getting it right in 2015. #PopFizzClink

Pretty Pastries: Apple Walnut Tart

Love this twist on the Apple tart by a guest blogger on Hip Foodie Mom....mmm this makes me want to have a tea party...

Chic Pumpkins

Fall is my favorite time of year! How cute is this pumpkin by Paper Mama... Click link for DIY instructions..

Hello Hunties...

Guess who's on vacation staycation!! I'm excited to have a week full of mis-matched jammies, hair rollers, bowls of ice cream, and ratchet reality T.V. marathon's. Have a blessed week...I am:)

Print & Stripes...

I love this combination of leopard, stripes, and pears. I am absolutely a sucker for fall fashion and this is perfect for weekend boutique shopping or the office.

Mirror mirror on the wall....I want it I want it!

How cute is this DIY Idea...I would love to try this but with more glitter:)

Fashion Art...

Don't you just love an artist that can capture your heart...#EmmaKisstina

History has never begot such a beauty....

May you rest in everlasting peace Mrs. Ruby Dee. You were an inspiration to so many women like myself and the world is left a better place for it. I have admired your films in which you strutted fiercely dating from the time my mother was a little girl up to now where I have my daughter. Even more endearing was your love for Ossie Davis, your love and muse. You showed that Black love is True, Alive, and very much timeless. Enjoy your peace Mother.


Dear Hump Day....

Dear Hump Day,
Thank you for allowing me to make it to my "mid" point of the week without A) Binging on tequila infused beverages, B) Cutting someone, and C) Being placed in a legal situation in which I would have to plead insanity. I am growing to appreciate this mid point because it reveals that I have been resilient in my week so far and excited about the end...of the week that is.

-Sincerely, Prim

Just Romping Around...

The world would be a better place if all we had to wear were flirty pretty things..


Beyonce covers TIME magazine!

Had to get my copy, shout out to the ONE grocery store in my area that carried TIME magazine.

Leopard y casual

Photo: Nothing like a pair of leopard pumps to "boss" up casual day say the office:) #leopardisaneutral #

Nothing like a pair of  leopard pumps to "Boss" up casual day at the cute is my office rug!:)

Loving Lupita!

Lupita looked absolutely stunning at the Oscar's. Her speech made me tear up:)

Late Night Blogging: Diy monogram wallpaper...

I'm so uber-obsessed with monograms! ...I dabbled with this Lily Pulitzer wallpaper and a photo shop app... the end result was this cute personalized wallpaper. Some people watch drama tv late at night...I monogram
To find out how to make your own click "HERE"

Approval Addiction: What your "yes" says about you

       I wanted to take a moment to discuss something that plagues the lives of many of us, Approval. It is especially something that we as women deal with because we are often times groomed from birth to be nurturers, care givers, and sometimes providers.
Approval Addiction or "People Pleasing" is when an individual constantly seeks out the acceptance of others and bases the worth of themselves and their relationship of others on that acceptance. This individual means well and genuinely cares for the people they are helping but doesn't take the time to put their needs first which can foster resentment and feelings of rejection when they are in the position of needing help.
Let me clarify that there is absolutely nothing wrong with helping others and/or being a great friend or family member. However, there are certain limits and boundaries that need to be established to prevent emotional disregard and burn out.
Here are some signs based on the research of counselors who work with helping people overcome this:
1. You make compromises for acceptance: Do you place your belief system and integrity to the wayside so that you can be viewed in another light by friends, family, or co-workers?
2.You are controlled by what others think: Do you feel that you have to walk, talk, or dress a certain way to be viewed as someone of value? Also, do you obsess over comments people make about you even if they are hurtful causing you to believe hurtful things they say about you?
3. You exhaust yourself by doing acts of kindness such as pulling people out of financial binds or allow others to blame you for things that you had no control over.
4. You allow people to hold you to a standard that they don't uphold themselves: People that you consistently offer your time and efforts to accuse you of never "caring" but are never there for you when you are in need.
5. You allow individuals in your life who help you based on the simple fact that they plan to "cash in" their favors to you later: These people don't help you out of the goodness of their hearts, they only help because they see they can take advantage of you in the future.
If you identify with any of the above points it's not too late to start taking measures to implement healthy boundaries. You will save yourself a lot of stress, heartache, and energy by simply making a conscious decision to care less about what others say and want of you.
Try this:
Take  your time in responding to requests from others. If they become impatient create a solid response that you can "administer" over and over....(i.e. "I'm sorry, I don't know what to tell you, I don't know what to tell you, yeah I don't know what to tell you.")
GET NEW FRIENDS! People grow apart and people change it's ok to move on and create friendships that are healthy and supportive. Seek out connections with others that give you what you give out.
Love family members from a distance. You can't choose your family but you can definitely practice control of how often you let them into your space and how you interact with them. Know your limits and your triggers. Don't agree to go on a 3 day weekend with your cousin who casually brings up your recent break up like she's discussing the weather.  
 I don't have all the answers but I hope that this post can help anyone that has ever felt that they are a prisoner of their own positive regard.
 Here are a few books to also help in your journey (Click on book for ordering info):
"Stay true to yourself. Always remember that what others think about you is between them and God...and is none of your business...."
                                                                   -Iyanla Vanzant

Introducing "Prim Bella Prim"!

Mummy in Stilettos is now "Prim Bella Prim".... working on a new brand and excited about what's to come!!!!