20 Facts about Me!

  1. I blog because I'm not a good rapper.
  2. My favorite type(s) of food are Japanese and Thai.
  3. I married my high school sweetheart.
  4. I come from a large family.
  5. My favorite colors are pink, tiffany blue and glittered gold.
  6. I'm absolutely OBSESSED with anything monogramed!
  7. I have the cutest little human for a daughter.
  8. I majored in psychology.
  9. I've worked as a freelance writer/poet.
  10. I had the pleasure of living in Ghana, West Africa where I studied social change.
  11. I'm a Southern Belle ♥
  12. I'm addicted to pinterest.
  13. My favorite wine is Autumn Blush by Chateu Elan.
  14. I can crochet....yep at Christmas I'm all like, "you get a scarf, you get a scarf" *In my Oprah voice*.
  15. I can sit and watch documentaries for hours...especially about the holocaust/WWII
  16. I protect children for a of the most rewarding jobs.
  17. My favorite shows are New Girl, Mindy Project, Ru Pauls drag race and Moesha re-runs.
  18. My favorite female artist(s) are Goapelle and Mary J. Blige and my favorite male artist(s) are the Weeknd and Kwabs.
  19. I secretly want Oprah, Gail or Iyanla Vanzant to adopt me.
  20. My spirit animal is Juicy J.