Don't believe what your mind tells you when you lay your pretty little head...

Often times we lay awake thinking of the "Shoulda", "Coulda", "Woulda's" that have plagued our day. I'm guilty of what's called Drift analysis = analyzing your day, week, or a specific event when one should be DRIFTING asleep.
You go and go and are so pre-occupied with tasks at work, keeping the kids from killing each other, and coaching your husband into asking for directions after the 5th wrong turn all of which keeps your direct attention at bay...that is until you lay your pretty little head down for bed.
What's meant to be a relaxing and natural end to your day turns into a youtube remix played in your head consisting of nasty things that were said to you earlier in the day, snubs from co-workers, and a work load that you wish you had more energy and time to perfect. Well...I don't know about you but I am absolutely tired of sweating out my good weave worrying about things that I can't control....or don't need to control if afforded the opportunity.
As Silly as this may sound, I have begun developing "mantra's" or sayings that can be repeated over and over again that speak life into a situation that may present as disheartening or bleak. We've seen this in childhood stories like the little engine that could...that's right "I think I can, I think I can" and even the Wizard of Oz "there's no place like home" *clicks heels*. Both stories shed insight on the power of mind over matter...If you don't mind it...It doesn't matter.
Here are a few mantra's that I repeat when pesky thoughts of doubt try to encroach on my slumber:
"Success is the best revenge"
"The ground is no place for a champion"
"You've done enough, so enough of dwelling on that"
"People throw rocks at things that shine"
Bonus:(what I taught my daughter to repeat) "I am beautiful, I am happy, I am blessed"

Who cares if it's silly, there's nothing like piece of mind...*Night, Night*:)