Too much future and too much past dissolves the present.

Tunnel vision. This is how we go about our lives often times, unaware that we have the blinders on, unable to embrace and live in the present. If we’re not tormented by the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s of our past we’re plagued with the fear and uncertainty of our future. STOP IT!

What do we add to our lives by worrying? (Matthew 6:27) We can live our lives preparing to die only to have never lived. I’m the first to admit that I am guilty of fretting over things I have no control over and I have to tell myself daily….STOP IT!

So what if you made poor decisions in the past, that’s the beauty of maturing. I am so proud of the woman that I have become. She may have to enter situations with mustard seed sized faith but at least she has the gumption to keep trudging forward.

Let go of the past. It should only be used to admire how you’ve survived the worse and to treasure valuable memories. Don’t be too consumed with the future. Trust your instincts and your decisions. BE HERE! BE IN THE MOMENT! BE IN THE NOW!

Urban Conservatives: Pop up shop event

As a working mom and wife I find it difficult sometimes to find clothing that is complimentary of my work life and leisure time (when leisure time occurs), often longing for Olivia Pope-esque pieces save the day in...or at least serve wine:)

Well apparently the good lord heard my self absorbent cry and answered through A Pop-Up shop event that a good Judy of mine invited me to. She explained that the event would showcase the fashion taste of the working woman while implementing unrestricted style for life after the 9-5.

It did not disappoint! The event was hosted by Adriana Lawton, owner of Urban Conservative in the trendy West-side Provisions District of Atlanta, Ga.

Ms. Lawton credits her eye for style to having over 10 years experience working in corporate America and executing style in the work place while others sought to be cookie cutter.

Owner Adriana Lawton in Middle

While at the event I strolled through the space that was appropriately fashioned and inviting,with each corner providing visible appeal. The event was packed with young ladies trying on the signature pieces...they were FLYING off of the racks!

Lawton's pieces steal the show pictured below:

The clothing is both sexy and unique. In a world of "H&M" and "Express" it was refreshing to see pieces that aren't overly familiar. The pieces specifically include tailored coordinates, caped outerwear, caped dresses...the caped pieces are EVERYTHING!

No woman wants to purchase something she fears will be seen on the greater population. I felt Urban Conservative embodied this approach and offers shoppers unique one of a kind style.

This was my first Pop up shop event and I was very impressed by the professionalism of the owner and her attentiveness to shoppers. She discussed items to come, genuinely listened to feed back and assisted guest in finding their one of a kind pieces.

I look forward to adding her signature pieces to my wardrobe after my little one arrives...(5 weeks and counting)!